Saturday, December 3, 2022

Bears’ Stance On Robert Quinn Trade Finally Gains Clarity


People knew how serious GM Ryan Poles was for the first time when he traded Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers for 2nd and 6th round picks. It was a loud and clear message that he was fixing to take apart the roster, unloading older players with expensive contracts. This led to speculation that Mack’s QB-hunting teammate Robert Quinn might also be on the block. It made sense. He’s 32-years-old, carries a hefty deal, and is coming off a record-breaking season.

Other NFL teams are confirmed to have been calling the Bears about a possible trade. Thus far, nothing has happened. Additional information revealed the team isn’t actively shopping the defensive end, but they’re listening. Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog has heard something slightly different from that. His often-reliable sources offered a different picture. In truth, Poles is quite interested in trading Quinn, but the offers thus far haven’t justified doing so.

Until that changes, the Bears don’t feel in any hurry to unload the pass rusher.

“Here’s the truth. (1) The Bears have been trying to trade Quinn for months. Poles wants more draft picks, and less salary and Quinn is coming off a career year. But he’s not just going to give players away and the Bears need pass rush to be competitive defensively in 2022. It’ll take a significant offer. (2) Quinn is making a fortune and quite likes it in Chicago. He’s not unhappy. He’s not disgruntled. He’s not trying to force a trade. Would he prefer to be on a team trying to win a title this season? Sure. But he’s not creating any issues at Halas Hall.”

Robert Quinn may have to stay patient.

Poles appears to be playing the waiting game. He didn’t like the offers he got over the past few months. He has no reason to feel rushed. The Bears have Quinn under contract for three more years, so there’s some leverage in play. An intelligent approach would be to wait until Quinn’s value peaks closer to the trade deadline. That is often when contending teams with pressing needs are willing to part with the most draft capital. Remember, the Los Angeles Rams gave up 2nd and 3rd round picks for Von Miller last season.

The idea here is Robert Quinn continues to play well through September and October. Then when the deadline arrives, teams will be willing to offer something closer to Poles’ desired price. The Bears likely face having four picks in the first three rounds of next year’s draft. A good situation to be in for a rebuilding team. It comes down to the longtime pass rusher staying patient and staying healthy. There is a calculated risk involved here, but a warranted one.

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