Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Ryan Poles And His “Take No S**t” Approach Are Winning Over Halas Hall


From the moment he stepped in front of the cameras, new GM Ryan Poles came across as somebody deadly serious about his job. While he’d smile from time to time, it almost felt forced. Hidden behind those grins, one could sense a man eager to devote every waking moment to making the Chicago Bears a better football team. It isn’t a facade, either. Many people at Halas Hall have come to understand the new man in charge. What everybody sees in press conferences is the same person behind the scenes.

Poles is described as a “take no shit” person, according to one source. He is all in to win. If he senses anybody else that isn’t 100% fully committed, he has no problems holding them accountable or finding someone who is. Many in the building find it incredibly refreshing after what they experienced under Ryan Pace. The former Bears GM wasn’t necessarily considered a bad person but his tendency to duck and cover when things got rough for the team rubbed some people the wrong way.

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Ryan Poles knows leadership starts at the top.

While he might be the youngest GM in the NFL at 36-years-old, that is no excuse to shirk his responsibilities. He must be the one to set the tone for the franchise. A team often embodies the identity of the man who runs it. Poles is making it clear he wants the Bears focused on two things: winning and beating up the opponent—the classic mentality of a former offensive lineman.

There is no telling if Ryan Poles will be a success in Chicago. Much of that depends on how good his eye for talent is and whether his choice of Matt Eberflus as head coach proves to be a strong one. Time will tell with both. Yet the GM wanted to make clear that the easy-going, player-friendly atmosphere of the Pace era is done. He is only interested in winning and doesn’t plan to let anybody stand in his way from eventually doing that. Step up or step aside.

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