One quarterback who finds himself in an awkward position is Nick Foles. At one point last year, he was the unquestioned starter for the Chicago Bears. Things were looking great after his big upset win of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady. Then it all just sort of fell apart. Inconsistency and offensive line problems followed by a hip injury led to him being benched in favor of Mitch Trubisky. Things haven’t gotten much better since then.

The arrivals of both Andy Dalton and Justin Fields have largely made Foles irrelevant to the roster. His status has dipped to third-string. Normally a player would be released in such circumstances but that is difficult for him. The nature of his contract makes an outright release impossible. Chicago would receive a $5 million cap penalty if they did so. The only way they could get him off the roster at this point is via trade.

Yet even that doesn’t seem realistic.

The Bears reportedly tried multiple times to move him in the past few months. No teams were willing to bite. Now it appears the potential landing spots have dried up. So the coaches have contented themself in the knowledge that Foles will likely be on the roster this year. That is unless another team comes calling for his services. While the odds are long, there is one out there worth watching.

The New York Jets added their QB of the future in Zach Wilson during the draft. However, their depth behind him is another story. As of this moment, their only options are James Morgan and Mike White. Neither of them has started a single NFL game in their careers. Or played in one for that matter. According to multiple Jets media members, it is showing in camp. Enough to where the calls for Foles have grown louder.

Nick Foles to the Jets wouldn’t be a huge challenge

They have both the draft capital in 2022 and the salary cap space necessary to facilitate a deal. They have two 5th and three 6th round picks alone. This an addition to two 1st and two 2nd round picks respectively. They’re not exactly hurting for draft capital. Parting with a 6th rounder to secure Foles would be easy. Recent estimates have their cap space at over $27 million. More than enough to absorb his $6.66 million hit.

Aside from depth purposes, Nick Foles could have a ton of value as a veteran mentor to Wilson. The Jets have nobody remotely close to that. Somebody who has started NFL games and in his case won an actual Super Bowl. It is puzzling the Jets have looked to find somebody like that. It could prove so valuable to their young quarterback.

Then again it is the Jets.

Maybe further evidence from team practices will wake them up to the reality they could be facing. One unfortunate injury to Wilson and their hope-filled 2021 season goes up in smoke. Foles may not be flashy, but he’s better than anything else currently available. The organization best think about the gamble their taking carefully.