Mac Jones Is Actually The QB Chicago Wants The Most

mac jones
Jan 11, 2021; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Mac Jones (10) against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears made sure not to tip their hand on which quarterbacks they like more than others these past two months. It’s no secret the team is aiming to draft one. What nobody knows for sure is who they might prefer among the first and second-tier guys. That is by design. GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy have made sure to see almost every guy in person. Not only was this to gather extra information, but also to keep other teams guessing about their intentions. Is it Trey Lance? Is Mac Jones? What about Justin Fields?

If one were to ask Bears fans, they’re hoping for one of two names. Either Fields or Lance. Why? A simple case of superior physical ability. Both quarterbacks have size, arm strength, and are known best for their ability to run. The draft is almost always about picking traits more than college production. Each has a high ceiling when projecting to the pros.

That is what makes this next statement difficult.

If there is one QB the Bears have an eye on in that 1st round, it’s Jones. Obviously, people won’t buy that statement. It doesn’t make sense. Sure the Alabama quarterback was terrific in 2020, throwing 41 touchdowns and leading his team to a national championship. Yet an honest assessment can’t be avoided. He was surrounded by elite talent on offense and doesn’t stand out as a physical specimen. Not overly big, strong, or fast. So why in the world would Nagy and Pace circle him as their guy.

Let this quote from longtime college analyst Kirk Herbstreit explain.

“Of all these guys, Mac Jones probably processes as quickly as anyone in this draft,” said Herbstreit. “Recognizing pre-snap coverage, knowing where to go with the ball. That’s the stuff for me.”

“Mac Jones never wavered. Mac Jones was brilliant. He’s just gifted in that way. He was right there, and his accuracy on top of that, it’s just special.”

“I don’t care that he had a lot of talent around him,” said Herbstreit. “He’s got an assassin’s mindset on the field, much like Joe Burrow the year before. There’s a lot to fall in love with.”

Processing. Accuracy. Decision-making. These were core strengths of Jones’ game since he became the starter in 2019. They’re also some of the biggest keys to success in the NFL. Never mind Jones’ renowned leadership qualities, natural charisma, and competitiveness. Teammates love him. You better believe he made an impression on the Bears. Don’t believe it? Let Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune offer confirmation.

Mac Jones is the polar opposite of Mitch Trubisky

They may wear the same number, but they’re completely different quarterbacks. Trubisky thrived at the college level through natural ability. His legs were a constant weapon and he had enough arm to make plays off of that. Jones is a student of the game. He almost always knows where to go with the football and possesses the touch and accuracy to get it in spots where only his receivers have a shot at it.

By the sound of things, the two sides connected really well in their pre-draft meeting. Jones reportedly loved it. Just a straight hour of talking football. He liked it so much that he hoped another meeting would happen in the near future. It sounds like an impression was made on both sides. Usually, when that happens, a team begins making preparations to go after said player.

It’s a question of whether the Bears will have that chance.

Rumors persist that the San Francisco 49ers could end up taking him at #3 overall. If that happens, then this possibility is a pointless discussion. However, if Lance or Fields goes there? That is when things get interesting. How far could Mac Jones end up falling? Maybe somebody moves up to grab him or maybe he tumbles to the bottom of the top 10. Should that happen, don’t expect the Bears to sit on their hands waiting.

SOURCE© Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Educated to be a writer at the prestigious Columbia College in Chicago, Erik has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.
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