Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Luke Getsy Delivers Encouraging Update Regarding Teven Jenkins


If you have been following the Teven Jenkins saga over the past two weeks, then you know it’s been both confusing and exhausting. From the trade rumors to his most recent comments on Twitter, where he informed us that he was in fact “all good”. New Bears offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy, was asked today if Jenkins had been an active participant in team meetings. He delivered an intriguing update on the second-year tackle.

“Oh yeah. Teven has been great. He’s been attentive. He’s all-in, yeah. Once he gets through this deal, he’ll be back out there ready to rock-and-roll.”

Hearing these comments regarding Teven definitely contradicts the reports that have come out over the past week.

Are The Bears Actually Looking To Trade Teven Jenkins?

Here is everything we have heard recently surrounding Jenkins and the team.

  • There is a rift between Jenkins and the new regime
  • Jenkins work ethic is being questioned
  • Jenkins is hurt again (which has been confirmed)
  • The team is having active trade talks involving Jenkins

Now, remember most of this is pure speculation. But big names such as NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and NBC Sports David Kaplan have all mentioned similar things about the situation. Usually where there is smoke there’s fire. I’m just not sure that’s the case here. Luke Getsy mentioned that Jenkins is “all in” so there shouldn’t be any friction between him and the new regime. At least not anymore. But that does confirm what head coach Matt Eberflus stated on Thursday: Jenkins really is injured. Which still isn’t great however I think that’s a lot better then the other rumors that have been circulating.

How Severe Is Teven Jenkins Injury?

This is what it all comes down to. Did he reaggravate his back? If that’s the case then that’s still a big concern as we all were told that the surgery he had was supposed to eliminate the possibility of this to linger. The way the team is handling and refusing to give out specific details is giving me Kevin White vibes. But it is at least encouraging to hear that Jenkins is still attending offensive meetings and is reportedly engaged. Getsy’s comments seemed very genuine and optimistic as well. He also mentioned the starting five on offensive line is far from being set.

So hopefully Jenkin’s injury isn’t a long-term issue that keeps him off the field much longer. That would allow him to actually get reps and compete for a spot for the remainder of training camp. As I’ve been saying, Jenkins panning out is obviously the best case scenario for the Bears moving forward. Friday’s update at least provides us with hope and optimism that’s been absent ever since this Jenkins story has come to be. The Bears play their first preseason game in eight days against the Kansas City Chiefs. Which means the clock is ticking. Fingers crossed 76 can get back on the field here soon.


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Aug 6, 2022 10:42 am

This is one of the hardest to decypher set of sports rumors I have ever seen. I am at the point where I hope it is a combination of both mental and physical – missing this much time for just one or the other suggests longer term problems. On the other hand, if it is a combo like this (completely hypothetical) – he didn’t do enough offseason work on the playbook AND he has a pinched nerve that limits his mobility – it makes sense to put him in the Hall with trainers and assistant coaches until he gets mind… Read more »

Thomas J Cameron
Thomas J Cameron
Aug 6, 2022 9:14 am

Injured? I have a problem with that assumption. The injury would have had to come after he was demoted to 2nd team and moved from his desired/expected position. Could both be true? Maybe? I think I would prefer the non-injury scenario. That could be handled (worse problems between players and coaches have been resolved in the past) behind closed doors, and the problem went away. If it’s his back again; well that’s just bad and not going away.

Jim B
Jim B
Aug 5, 2022 4:20 pm

Sadly since the Bears are not talking, it has given the media the room to go crazy with speculation. Perhaps it would be a good idea to report FACTS and not what could might possibly maybe conceivably perhaps potentially feasibly happen.

Aug 5, 2022 3:05 pm

It makes much more sense to build him up and develop him than to give up altogether and get next to nothing in return, especially since the success of this season will depend on the O-line protecting QB1 more than anything else. Let’s see what this coaching staff is made of.

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