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Former Bear Sees A Trait In Caleb Williams Previous QBs Didn’t Have


The Chicago Bears have gone through many quarterbacks during the Super Bowl era. Most of them fall into the category of average-to-bad. Only two or three managed to reach the realm of good. None have ever been classified as great. That constant state of misery has held the organization back from achieving greater things over the past four decades. It is hoped that Caleb Williams can change all of that. He became the #1 overall pick in April and was hailed as one of the best QB prospects seen in years.

Much of that comes from his obvious talent. His mix of arm strength, accuracy, mobility, and natural playmaking instincts have led to comparisons with guys like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. However, former Bears fullback Jason McKie saw something else that should have fans excited. He has been a teammate of several quarterbacks during his time, from Donovan McNabb to Drew Brees and Joe Flacco. The good ones exude a sort of presence, a moxie and swagger.

Williams possesses that. He explained on Bleck And Abdalla for ESPN 1000.

Caleb Williams will need that self-confidence.

Chicago is notoriously difficult to play in. The fanbase is huge, passionate, and demanding. If they sense you aren’t doing what is needed to make the team successful, they will tell you about it with all sorts of colorful language. GM Ryan Poles said his primary goal was finding a quarterback with the necessary mental toughness to handle that reality. Williams is that guy. Having played at two giant programs, Oklahoma and USC, he’s already used to having the spotlight on him. The way he has embraced the city since arriving certainly isn’t hurting his cause.

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His casual self-confidence comes from his talent and the relentless work he puts in every day to improve. Teammates and coaches have already seen it several times in the first weeks of practice. His competitive streak is impossible to ignore. Caleb Williams won’t be denied. Either help him achieve the mission or get the hell out of his way. He understands his goal is to get everybody on the same page. McKie seems to think he has the exact personality to make it happen.


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Jun 9, 2024 1:50 pm

My conspiracy theory is that Luke Getsy was drawing a salary from Green Bay last year when he was OC of Chicago. Incompetence can’t fully explain just how bad his calls and schemes were. Malice does.

Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
Jun 9, 2024 12:45 pm

Talented, competitive, confident, and supported; now he just needs to be successful to win in the NFL.

Jun 9, 2024 11:24 am

Is Chicago really notoriously difficult to play in? I have no idea, honestly. I saw the crowd here in New England turn on Mac Jones when we beat their A’s on MNF. That was surreal and awesome.
Anyone else with insight? Personally, I think a competent QB would be welcomed in Chicago. Caleb can be upper echelon as an NFL QB. He could own Chicago. Seems more like a city that is due vs difficult.

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