Thursday, July 11, 2024

Former Coach Reveals Why Kiran Amegadjie Going In 3rd Round Was Insane


The Chicago Bears had gone according to the script through their first two picks of the 2024 NFL draft. Caleb Williams went #1 overall as most expected. Then they got Rome Odunze at #9, linking up quarterback and wide receiver. It wasn’t until their third pick that things took a turn. GM Ryan Poles selected Yale offensive tackle Kiran Amegadjie in the 3rd round. While he had plenty of fans in the draft community, he wasn’t on the radar of Bears faithful since they felt the team had eyes for a pass rusher.

Yet the genuine shock isn’t that the team took a tackle with that pick. It is that they took Amegadjie. No, it wasn’t because he lacked talent. It was more because he never should’ve been in that spot, to begin with. To understand why, people need to hear the story of how his college career began. Al Netter, the offensive line coach for Yale who helped recruit Amegadjie, had no doubt the young man was gifted. The issue he and every other athlete at the school ran into was COVID-19.

If people thought it was bad for the bigger programs across the country, they have no idea what the smaller ones went through. It was revealed on Meet The Rookies.

Kiran Amegadjie overcame some ridiculous obstacles.

Think about that. He went his entire freshman year of college without stepping foot on a practice field. Then, after two years of finally getting on track, he injures his quad and misses most of the 2023 season. To go through all of that and still get drafted in the top 75 is nothing short of miraculous. It is a testament to his talent and ceaseless hard work, not to mention the Bears’ faith in his ability to overcome adversity. That is always something Poles prioritizes with every player he drafts.

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One thing is certain. Kiran Amegadjie will come in ready to show everybody that he earned every bit of his spot on the roster. It wasn’t handed to him just because he knows Matt Eberflus or is a local kid from Hinsdale. He overcame more than most typical college athletes do to reach the professional level. He will almost certainly work twice as hard to stay there. Amegadjie could be one of the most interesting names to watch in camp, if only because there is no telling where he could surface on the line.


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Badabing Crosby
Badabing Crosby
Jul 11, 2024 9:23 pm

Mangena, you are quite likely the biggest penishead if all time.

Jul 11, 2024 8:13 am

@jmscooby — Add C, Zach Frazier and OG, Mason McCormick to OT, Troy Fautanu; and the “Wilson bros.” LB, Payton and WR, Wilson — and notice how a competent GM (Omar Khan) can affect his team — even if, he isn’t drafting from the top of each round in the NFL draft (as Poles has, due to his team’s losing record). All of Poles’ faults will be overlooked if Caleb Williams delivers — but none of them will be rectified. Ryan Poles remains an inept judge of NFL talent, proficiency and value. A seriously injured, Yalie named Kiran Amegadjie and… Read more »

Last edited 13 hours ago by TGena
Jul 11, 2024 6:17 am

Fuaga and Broderick Jones are going to solidify Pitts offense for a decade if they can get another Big Ben type back there. Strong in the pocket and can deliver.

Jul 11, 2024 6:15 am

Bill Walsh said the only time people talk about rounds is during draft preparation and on draft day. The day after the draft everything is based on the player’s performance. Poles did well with identifying a starting LT previously. I’m trusting he just found another OL starter. I was at the draft in Chicago the day Whitehair was drafted. I sat behind the guy that dresses and looks just like Ditka. That’s the pick that stunk. A third rounder and a second contract. Hey, at least we didn’t pay big money for prior performance on a guy in the twilight… Read more »

Jul 11, 2024 5:19 am

Amegadjie is not Fuaga!!

Amegadjie was playing against guys that are currently working at Goldman Sachs.

You’ve seen the film on this kid — all six plays! Another typical Ryan Poles’ third-round over-drafted player (Velus, Zacch and now, Kiran).

Kiran Amegadjie is currenly, Julie’n Davenport, with “bad knees.”

Payton Wilson is a football player. He’ll burn bright — until the flame out.

I don’t think Tremaine Edmunds will play like a zombie, again this year. But, playing $18 million per (third highest in the league) gets tiresome.

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