Monday, July 8, 2024

Expert Hints Kiran Amegadjie Is A Threat To Start At Unexpected Position


The Chicago Bears draft class has gotten much attention over the past three months. For obvious reasons, most of it is centered around Caleb Williams and Rome Odunze. They’re both top-10 picks and have superstar potential. Even so, punter Tory Taylor and pass rusher Austin Booker have also gotten their share of notoriety, given the importance they bring to this 2024 season. That has made it easy to overlook the other prominent pick the Bears made: 3rd round offensive tackle Kiran Amegadjie.

The Yale alum was considered one of the most talented in the entire class despite missing most of last season with a quad injury. He’s big, long, nimble, and athletic. Many view him as an obvious threat to left tackle Braxton Jones. GM Ryan Poles even indicated as much. However, people would make a mistake by thinking that this is the only position Amegadjie can play. Brett Kollmann of The Bootleg Football podcast is a widely respected tape analyst on YouTube. He told Bill Zimmermann of Windy City Gridiron that Jones might not be the one who should be most nervous about the rookie.

Kiran Amegadjie has experience as a guard.

People should not forget that. He played it multiple times in college, though his primary work came on the edge. He understands the responsibilities of that spot. As Kollmann says, he also has the size and power necessary to handle bigger defensive linemen. It doesn’t hurt that he’s known for a nasty streak. Nate Davis’ job security looks more tenuous by the day. He missed most of training camp last year and several games with a mix of injuries and off-the-field issues. Now he’s missed OTAs and minicamps with more undisclosed problems.

It feels like the Bears are reaching the limit of their patience with him. That is likely why they traded for Ryan Bates from Buffalo and drafted Kiran Amegadjie. Now, they have alternatives if he continues to not provide what they paid for. Playing guard in the NFL is much simpler for young offensive linemen. It is why teams often draft young tackles and play them inside for a year or two before kicking them to the edge. Perhaps the Bears could enact similar plans for Amegadjie. It would be quite a story.

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Wes P
Wes P
Jul 8, 2024 8:37 am

Offensive linemen are very important for a healthy offense. It really looks like the Bears have more depth than last year and are getting bigger and better each year.

Jul 8, 2024 5:50 am

Y’all have come to a realize who the player (that knowledgeable fans have christened as, Nate “where’s Waldo” Davis) truly is. Congratulations! But now, you’re setting yourselves up, for another disappointment. This time, a seriously injured OT is the issue because GM, Ryan Poles was once again, impetuous and selected Yale University’s LT, Kiran Amegadjie in the third round of the 2024 NFL draft. It’s not Kiran Amegadjie’s fault, boys — “overdrafting” third rounders is just what GM, Ryan Poles does — over and over, again. Want proof? Velus Jones Jr. taken at #71, [while ranked as the 150th best… Read more »

Jul 7, 2024 2:46 pm

Well, it looks like we just found our next slot receiver.

Now that would be an unexpected position…

Jul 7, 2024 8:24 am

Nate Davis has proven to be a waste of money. I need a contract like his. I’m able to call out for undisclosed personal reasons too. It is one situation when players come in, practice and are patched up in the trainers room, but players think they are given contracts for Sundays. The reality is, Sunday is just another day of the week. Showing up for practice, film work, technique and strength work SHOULD be why people are paid . . . not to show up and be “friends,” or “personable.” All that is fine AFTER these people put in… Read more »

Jul 6, 2024 1:58 pm

Or they planned to play him at guard all along. Been saying for awhile now that Davis is likely to be the surprise cut this year in camp. It happens every season. Someone gets cut that nobody expects. Last year it was the back up QB they had signed. Forget his name because he wasn’t around long and sucked when he did play.

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