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One Chicago Bears Trade Asset People Aren’t Talking About


The Chicago Bears aren’t done shuffling their roster. It is likely GM Ryan Poles has a few more moves in mind for the coming two months. Much of it depends on how training camp unfolds, with several battles across the roster. It isn’t a stretch to think he’ll reserve a couple of spots for waiver wire pickups. He may also wish to sign one or two prominent veterans at positions of need, like center or edge rusher. There is one other possibility that can’t be ruled out. Poles could look to unload one of his current players via trade for draft capital next year.

One name that stands out as such a possibility is Larry Borom. People seem to have forgotten the former 5th round pick despite his regular presence on the field over the past three years, both as a starter and rotational backup. Borom has been a reliable swing tackle for the Bears when injuries strike. However, new circumstances put his roster spot in question. First is a contract that has become more expensive, and the other is the arrival of more depth at tackle. Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic laid it all out there.

In the final year of his rookie contract, Borom earned the “proven performance escalator” for his playing time, which means he’ll make more than $3 million this season.

Though the Bears can certainly fit that contract under the cap, would they rather roll with Pryor, who has similar versatility and is making just north of $1 million, and Amegadjie as the backup tackles? It’ll be one of the roster battles to watch this summer. Former Seattle Seahawk Jake Curhan will also be in the mix for a swing tackle spot.

I don’t know necessarily who is the “best” of those tackles, but Borom costs the most, which could hinder his chances to be a Bear if the others play well in July and August.

The Chicago Bears might feel compelled to trade Borom.

It is already a given that Amegadjie will make the roster as the team’s 3rd round pick. He will be a primary backup at both tackle spots. That is bad news for Borom. Don’t forget the Bears only carried one extra tackle last season. So unless the team thinks Amegadjie can fill in at other positions, it isn’t looking good for Borom. That means one of two things. Either the Bears choose to keep an extra body, or they unload him. Given his value as a swing tackle and his relatively cheap contract, it is reasonable to assume the Bears will trade him.

Considering the demand for tackle help around the NFL, they should be able to fetch a Day 3 draft pick. Either they get a 6th rounder straight up, or they package Borom and a 6th for a 5th rounder from another team. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Chicago Bears chose to wait. Injuries are inevitable in training camp. There are bound to be some losses at offensive tackle around the league. One significant injury in the wrong spot might compel a team to make an aggressive offer for Borom’s services.

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Jul 10, 2024 12:30 pm

Deal him or don’t deal him, fine, whatever. Just don’t pick up the phone if it’s the Pittsburgh GM.

Jul 8, 2024 6:06 am

Looking for a trade partner?

Look no further than the Kansas City Chiefs.

Larry Borom, coached by a competent OL coach (such as, Andy Heck) would shock a lot of “thumb-ballers” on this site.

Does Poles have the sense to acquire future assets? Maybe Ian Cunningham could get involved.

Jul 8, 2024 4:45 am

Writer, you are exactly 2 months and 9 days behind the underbelly of this website. If you want to stretch it into another 9 articles, New England is the prime trade target. They are freaking out about their OL, especially at OT. It is imperative they protect their rookie QB if he plays, and he’s already up to #2 on their depth chart.

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