One of the more interesting subplots as training camp looming for the Chicago Bears is the status of Nick Foles. The veteran had a difficult 2020 season. After a strong start that included an epic comeback in Atlanta and upsetting the eventual champion Buccaneers, he ended up going 2-5 as a starter and injuring his hip in a loss to Minnesota. This led to his benching in favor of Mitch Trubisky and he never got the job back.

Now his status on the roster is even more in question. Andy Dalton was signed in March. He’s the penciled-in starter for 2021. Then the Bears traded up for Justin Fields a month later. He’ll likely be the starter by 2022 at the absolute latest. So where does that leave Foles? Twisting in the wind, to be honest. As of now, it looks like he’s locked in as the #3 QB. The Bears can’t really cut him due to his contract. That means he could end up being inactive most of the season.

The only way that changes is if he’s traded.

Thus far Chicago hasn’t been able to pull this off. Teams aren’t willing to part with a draft pick to take him. Could that change? It is possible. It appears the New York Jets are one team that could be in the market for a viable backup soon. Zach Wilson will be their starter but the situation behind him is less than ideal. Neither of their current options has any experience and both have looked poor in practices thus far.

Jets management hasn’t made any move yet, but many believe it’s going to happen at some point. Foles makes a ton of sense. He has ties to GM Joe Douglas from their time in Philadelphia together. He has starting experience and is a former Super Bowl MVP. New York also has the cap space to handle his contract with ease. If that weren’t enough? The Philadelphia Eagles may have just given the Bears an extra assist.

Mullens exit makes Nick Foles even more valuable

The free agent market was plucked clean of most viable quarterbacks months ago. Mullens represented one of the few remaining with any proven experience. With him gone, the pickings are beyond slim. Robert Griffin III is still out there. Matt Schaub, who is 40, is too. Beyond them? Not much. Matt Barkley? Sean Mannion? Brett Hundley? Probably not the kinds of guys the Jets would want trying to keep a season alive if Wilson went down.

If we’re being honest, Nick Foles is a much more favorable option than any of those listed above. He is easily one of the best players ever when coming off the bench. He would probably be the all-time greatest 6th man in the NBA. New York doesn’t have many reasons not to make this deal. They have money. They have lots of draft picks. The need is obvious and their free agent options just got way slimmer.

One phone call solves the problem.

Odds are New York isn’t going to make a move until closer to training camp. This month is about getting the young guys as many reps as possible. Once they have a good idea of what they have, then they’ll make a decision. It wouldn’t be a shock to see the Foles market heat up towards the end of July.