Draft Insider Believes 2022 Class Is Ideal For Chicago Bears’ Needs

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With no 1st round pick in the 2022 draft, the Chicago Bears face another difficult challenge of trying to find quality talent with limited capital to find. People keep wondering how this team is one of the oldest in the NFL and suddenly falling apart. The answer is simple. They haven’t done a good enough job keeping the pipeline flowing with young talent to replace departing vets. Now it looks like they’re headed for another rebuild.

The good news is this time they may have the critical piece to becoming a long-term contender. Quarterback Justin Fields. If he continues to develop in the coming weeks and looks like a franchise guy? Then the goal for the Bears becomes obvious. Surround him with as much help as they possibly can. That means offensive linemen, wide receivers, and tight ends. In this case, there is some good news.

The 2022 class appears abundant in those things.

While not quite thick with star power, ESPN draft insider Todd McShay believes this upcoming draft might feature the deepest group of receivers seen in a number of years. This means a team like the Bears with no 1st round pick might still have an opportunity to land a legitimate target for their young quarterback even on Day 2 of the draft.

“I’d rank the ’22 group third, but that isn’t a knock on the class. After all, I have seven wide receivers among my top 32 prospects. The 2020 and 2021 WR lineups were just stacked, and while the 2022 class has some top-tier talent, the strength here is really in the depth. Plus it’s very early and there’s a lot we still don’t know about this class.”

It isn’t just that position either. Initial projections paint an exciting picture for the offensive line situation as well. Several are projected among the top 50 prospects including some possible upgrades at center. A spot the Bears have really struggled to get settled over the past couple of years. Sam Mustipher did well last season as an emergency fill-in, but it’s becoming clear he doesn’t have the ceiling necessary to start in the NFL.

Do the Chicago Bears want Ryan Pace making that pick?

The GM is about to endure his fifth non-winning season in six years running the Bears organization. A big reason why is his lack of success at finding offensive talent. Particularly at wide receiver. Needless to say, his selections in the draft at that position can best be called…inadequate.

  • Kevin White
  • Daniel Braverman
  • Anthony Miller
  • Javon Wims
  • Riley Ridley
  • Darnell Mooney

When Mooney, a 5th round pick is the best selection you’ve made at such a vital position in today’s NFL? That is how you know there is a problem. To say nothing of Pace’s questionable handling of the offensive line as well. While he did draft Fields, that doesn’t mean the Chicago Bears GM is qualified to build around him.

They might need an alternative.

Somebody with a proven track record when it comes to evaluating offensive talent. If the Bears want to make Fields work, they should do everything in their power to get him help. That means weapons, protection, and probably new coaches as well. It seems they’ll have a nice opportunity to solve all of those problems in the same offseason despite their limited resources. Not easy, but doable.

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