Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Chicago Bears Just Got An Extra Dose Of Hope Vs. Packers


The Chicago Bears face long odds going into Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. They haven’t beaten their division rivals since 2018 and now their roster is riddled with injuries. Rookie defensive backs Jaquan Brisker and Kyler Gordon are both out for the second straight week with concussions. Eddie Jackson is done for the year with a foot injury. Darnell Mooney is also done with an ankle problem. The only good news they have is Justin Fields returning from his shoulder injury. That may not be enough to mask all the other problems.

Still, the Bears aren’t the only team coming into the game with health problems. Green Bay’s defense already lost two key starters in Rashan Gary and Eric Stokes to knee injuries. Aaron Rodgers has a broken thumb and now rib issues from last week against Philadelphia. Their problem only got worse when left tackle David Bakhtiari was forced to undergo an emergency appendectomy on Friday. That means the former All-Pro is out for Sunday, opening a big hole is the Packers’ pass protection.

The Chicago Bears have little to lose at this point.

Their season is pretty much over at 3-9. Making the playoffs is out of the question. Everybody knows they’re rebuilding anyway. So there is no reason to hold back anything, especially against the Packers who are desperately trying to stay alive in the post-season picture at 4-8. A loss to Chicago would all but destroy their season. What would make it even sweeter is everybody in Green Bay already assumes it’ll be an easy win. They already beat the Bears 27-10 back in September. They’ve been in this team’s heads for years.

This time around could be different. Chicago reshaped their offense around Fields’ running ability. Since then they’ve had the #1 rushing attack in the NFL. By contrast, Green Bay has the 31st-ranked run defense. Philadelphia ripped through them for 363 yards on the way to scoring 40 points. The Chicago Bears have the pieces necessary to employ a similar strategy. If it’s successful, they at least have a modest chance to pull off the big upset. All they’d need is for the defense not to get completely dragged through the mud for 60 minutes. A tall order, to be sure.


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Jim B
Jim B
Dec 3, 2022 3:07 am

In my heart I hope the Bears win. In my head I know it would be better if they lost. It would be a shame if the Packers knock the bears out of the top 5 in the draft by losing.

Dec 2, 2022 8:49 pm


Isn’t the problem with the Bears the o line and Fields can’t spend the rest of the year “practicing” to improve his stance in the pocket?

All he has left is to run. Nothing else. Stop him from running, then he gets killed in the pocket. I’m fine with that honestly. Let’s see how it goes and if he can be disciplined enough to follow the plan.

Dec 2, 2022 5:15 pm

Bears need to chain Fields legs so he doesn’t run in this game. Justin should use the game to develop a passing game with the other wide outs….and maybe let the 3rd string running back to run more so the bears know what they have for next year. Treat the rest of the year as pre-season games. Justin can use the rest of the season to improve on his stance and pocket passing. That would be a bears win. With a good draft in 2023 and surrounding Justin with fresh talent on the O line as well as targets, the… Read more »

Dec 2, 2022 5:11 pm

If the Bears somehow win this game, that would be a disaster. They are a couple wins away from drafting in the teens. How will those two wins feel in the offseason if they get them? Gonna sit back and celebrate the wins and feel great in March next year sitting with the #12 draft spot?

Last edited 2 months ago by FootballAtArlington
Dec 2, 2022 4:04 pm

When a team really has shown no pass rush, does it really make much difference if an opponent loses ONE offensive lineman?

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