Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Jets Defender Admits He Was Elated To Not Play Justin Fields


The New York Jets put up a front before last weekend that it didn’t matter who played quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Either way, they were going to hit the guy and dominate. In the end, Trevor Siemian got the nod. He finished 14-of-27 for 179 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. It was a forgettable afternoon for the backup. Days later, it is apparent the Jets were quietly thrilled when the announcement came down that Justin Fields was declared inactive for the game. They wanted no part of him.

Quinnen Williams is one of the Jets’ breakout stars. The defensive tackle is on course to make his first Pro Bowl in 2022. He appeared on the Richard Sherman Podcast to talk about his team’s season and his career to this point. During the conversation, Sherman asked an interesting question. Williams’ answer was telling.

It was apparent how grateful Williams was not to play Fields. Hard to blame him. The Bears quarterback had been giving defenses fits with his mobility for the past two months. His mixture of 4.3 speed and 230 lbs frame made him a problem. Catching him was hard enough. Getting him down was another issue entirely.

Justin Fields is already earning respect around the league.

Name the last quarterback in Chicago defenses didn’t want to play against. You’d have to go back to an era when planes still used propellers for that answer. Fields may not be a finished product as a passer, but his ability to create with his legs has transformed him into a budding star. His doing this with little help around him makes it even more impressive. He may not reach his potential this year, but his time is coming. The Bears have the resources next off-season to get him some real help.

This Sunday will be an interesting decision for Chicago. Justin Fields has resumed practicing in full. His shoulder seems on the mend. Will they put him back on the field against the Green Bay Packers or avoid the risk by sitting him through the bye week? Considering Fields almost played against the Jets, it’s a reasonable assumption he intends to return. A strong performance against the Bears’ rival might provide some late-season momentum going into an important spring.


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Dec 3, 2022 10:21 am

Wow. What would be better than Justin beating the team up north? But the team is so hurting right now. And know that the pkers would be trying to hurt Fields every chance they got. I HATE even the thought of deliberately tanking but there is so much potential hurt for everyone, including the draft position which remember the spot they get holds for every round, not just the first. If a playoff spot was on the line MAYBE. Let him heal and get his reps after the bye.

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