Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Allen Robinson Saga Reportedly Angered Ownership With Ryan Pace


When a GM loses power in a football organization, it is never just because of one thing. There are almost always several reasons they end up out the door or completely stripped of authority. For Ryan Pace, it isn’t difficult to pinpoint the reasons that Chicago Bears ownership might be ready to move on. The big misfire on Mitch Trubisky. Hiring Matt Nagy. Failing to construct viable offenses. One winning season in seven years. It piles up. However, it appears one fiasco, in particular, is what really started the ball rolling on Pace’s slow downfall. The Allen Robinson contract issue.

According to a source, frustrations from ownership really began to manifest with Pace when he wasn’t able to reach any sort of agreement with the Bears’ star wide receiver. This despite having plenty of time to do so. Reports indicate discussions on a new deal started as far back as 2019. Despite all that time, Pace never managed to close the gap. This forced him to use the franchise tag on Robinson this offseason.

All signs now point to the 27-year old leaving for free agency in 2022.

Some have stated that the rise of COVID-19 and how it hit the NFL salary cap played a big role in this. Pace, having already handed out huge deals to Eddie Jackson and Robert Quinn, suddenly found his team was going to face a major budget crisis in the near future. So he set a ceiling on how high he was willing to go in any discussions with Robinson. Last details suggested that to be around $16-17 million per year.

Having just gone over 1,000 yards in 2019 and well on his way to doing the same in 2020, Robinson and his agent felt that wasn’t anywhere close to what he deserved. Belief is he’s seeking closer to $20 million per year. Thus talks eventually broke down and were never started up again.

Allen Robinson issue was about bad luck and bad decisions

Looking back it’s fair to wonder if Pace should’ve prioritized rewarding the receiver first before handing that $70 million contract to Quinn last March. It might not have helped the pass rush but it would’ve kept the Bears’ best offensive weapon happy. Not to mention it would give their young quarterback another key piece to grow with. Presuming he leaves next spring, Justin Fields will only have Darnell Mooney left on the roster.

People may focus on the Nagy and Trubisky stuff, but it appears Allen Robinson was the true turning point for Pace. His decision to draw a line in the sand on a player that had been so productive and such an upstanding representative of the franchise has proven to be a huge mistake. One that he is getting ready to pay for six weeks from now unless this team pulls off a miracle turnaround.

Pace should be grateful his recent draft classes are showing signs of life.

Young players like Mooney, Cole Kmet, Jaylon Johnson, Khalil Herbert, Larry Borom, and Fields have all flashed tons of potential. That is the only thing that keeps ownership somewhat on the fence about whether or not to keep him around. The losing though figures to continue and with Robinson’s departure looming ever closer? It will be rather fitting both men leave the team at the same time.

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