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PICS: The Lebron James Hair Transplant Experiment Has Been A Disaster


Has Lebron James had a hair transplant? I guess it depends on who you ask. The four-time MVP has serious hair line problems, and things have been getting worse. It’s been a topic of discussion for years now, but some people think The King has already taken matters into his own hands.

Take a look at this picture from March.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.28.12 AM

It’s pretty clear #23 has a lot of missing hair follicles, makes you wonder why he isn’t the spokesperson for Rogaine yet?

The original rumors about the Lebron James hair transplant started at the All-Star Game in 2013, check out this picture of his forehead. (I mean sixhead)

LeBron James showing clear signs of thinning hair

Later in the year, James did an interview with CNN, not too long after the All-Star Game, and things were different. Miraculously, it seemed like Lebron’s hair, all of a sudden, wasn’t running away from his face.

LeBron James on CNN

That’s when the hair transplant rumors started to roll in. Apparently there are many scalp concealers out there, and Lebron is supposedly using a few of them. He would never admit this or endorse a product though.

The question is, why not? It could be an instant revenue opportunity for him.

It’s probably because tons of memes like this would continue to pop up all over the Internet.

It’s like, one second he has hair and the next he doesn’t. POOF! It’s just gone.

Apparently, money can’t buy you everything.

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