Wednesday, December 7, 2022

PHOTOS: Boxer’s Face Became Brutally Disfigured After Fight Of The Year Candidate


(Photo courtesy of Showtime)

In addition to playing host to UFC 273, this past Saturday also played host to a Showtime Boxing event featuring one of boxing’s hottest prospect Sebastian Fundora taking on Erickson Lubin in the main event.

If you’ve never heard of Fundora, he’s really something to see. Despite the fact that he fights at super welterweight (154 pounds in boxing) he stands an astonishing 6′ 6″! His nickname “the towering inferno” certainly holds up.

In Fundora’s fight with Lubin, he was definitely tested. It was a back and forth fight which saw Fundora drop to a knee in round seven, the first time he’s ever been dropped in his still-young professional career.

However, the constant damage being landed by Fundora throughout the rounds was starting to show. By the ninth round, Lubin’s face was badly swollen, which lead to Lubin’s trainer asking the referee to stop the fight after the ninth round, leading to a TKO victory for the still undefeated Fundora.

It’s a good thing, too, because whatever happened to Lubin’s face, something was very wrong. Fundora commented after the fight that he believes it was a good thing that the fight was stopped.

And the internet absolutely had it’s fun…

Lubin was transported to the hospital immediately after the fight. We have gotten an injury update so far after the fight, according to, although it still seems like there was more wrong than just a broken nose.


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