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Sources: Woman Allegedly Snuck Gun into White Sox Game Inside Her Belly Fat


The gun involved in Friday night’s shooting incident inside Guaranteed Rate Field was snuck into the White Sox game inside a woman’s belly fat, two sources familiar with the investigation tell Sports Mockery.

According to one source, the woman allegedly set off the metal detector three separate times when attempting to enter Friday’s game between the White Sox and Oakland A’s at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Here is how the woman allegedly got into the game with a gun according to our source.

“Overweight woman tries getting into the game and sets off the metal detector. She leaves, comes back, goes through a second time, leaves, comes back and goes through a third time. It goes off. Security wands her and let’s her through.”

According to both of our sources, the woman was allegedly allowed to get through security with the gun hidden inside her belly fat and she was one of the two women that were wounded. One of the sources assumes security did not want to overstep their boundaries when further checking the woman’s body after the metal detectors continued to go off.

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Two women sitting in the left field bleachers ended up suffering gunshot wounds on Friday night. Before either woman was given medical attention inside the ballpark, another person allegedly took the gun and fled the scene, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation.

Meanwhile on Monday, interim CPD superintendent Fred Waller said investigators have nearly ruled out the scenario in which the gunfire came from outside Guaranteed Rate Field.

Via the Chicago Tribune.

“It’s coming from outside is something we’ve almost completely dispelled. We’re still looking at every avenue. It’s still under investigation. Something from inside, it could’ve happened that way. We’re looking at every avenue, exploring every lead and everything that we can get.”

According to the Chicago Police Department, a 42-year-old woman sustained a gunshot wound to the leg, and a 26-year-old woman had a graze wound to her abdomen. The 42-year-old woman was in fair condition at University of Chicago Medical Center. The 26-year-old woman refused medical attention, according to the police department’s press release on Friday night.


According to WGN, the women who entered Guaranteed Rate Field and suffered the gunshot wounds, did not set off metal detectors.

Via WGN.

White Sox security officials and police have reviewed footage of fans entering the ballpark. The video shows the 42-year-old woman entering the ballpark without setting off metal detectors and security personnel searching her clear bag, according to team security sources. The woman who suffered a graze wound was also seen on video entering the ballpark without triggering metal detectors, according to team security sources.

The story from Ben Bradley also includes that as of now it has not been officially confirmed whether or not the woman who suffered the more severe wound was tested for gunshot residue, which would be an indication the weapon was fired in close proximity to her.

Peggy Kusinski has confirmed that a woman snuck the gun involved in Friday night’s shooting incident inside Guaranteed Rate Field, hiding the weapon inside her belly fat and getting through security, confirming Sports Mockery’s report from Monday.

Kusinski confirmed the news on ESPN 1000 on Tuesday, adding that the woman who was grazed by a bullet is indeed the one who snuck the gun into the White Sox game.


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