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New Intriguing Team Beginning To Show Interest in White Sox Todd Frazier


Todd Frazier is one of the more confusing trade assets on the Chicago White Sox. He offers enormous power potential, yet teams haven’t exactly been chomping at the bit to trade for the corner infielder.

Frazier has been in the MLB for the past six seasons, playing for the Reds before the White Sox. He has appeared in 791 major league games. Frazier has hit .250 with 148 homeruns, 422 RBIs and 58 stolen bases.

Frazier has atleast 29 homeruns, 80 RBIs and 13 stolen basess the past three seasons. He is coming off a 40 homerun season. Frazier is one of the best power hitters in the MLB, any team acquiring him is adding a massive power surge in the middle of their lineup.

However Frazier is also a free agent following the 2017 season. Teams have been reluctant to offer what the White Sox are asking for due to the potential of him walking at the end of the season.

Due to this, and most teams already having their third/first baseman in place, Frazier hasn’t seen the most extensive market. The Los Angeles Dodgers were thought to be the favorite, but after re-signing Justin Turner, they are out of the Frazier hunt.

Some teams have been thrown out as potential landing spots, but not many teams have come out and aid their interested. A new report gives more clarity into the situation and connects one intriguing team to the power hitting third basemen.

Matt Cerrone is the lead writer and creator of Recently he wrote an article discussing if the Mets should target Frazier. While Cerrone wrote that the Mets are a questionable fit for Frazier, he dropped this tidbit of information:

MLB insiders say at least 10 teams — including the Cardinals and Rangers — have contacted the White Sox to ask about Frazier.

The Cardinals have been loosely connected to Frazier in the past. St. Louis was interested in Justin Turner, and like the Dodgers viewed Frazier as a potential Plan B.

However the Rangers haven’t really been connected to Frazier and make for an intriguing fit for the power hitter.

Texas already has Adrian Beltre in place at third base, meaning Frazier would play first for the team. After seeing Mitch Moreland sign with the Red Sox this offseason, the Rangers are in need of a starting first baseman.

While the need is definitely there, the team already has two in-house candidates for the position in Jurickson Profar and Joey Gallo.

Profar is more of a jack-of-all-trades kind of player rather than a pure first baseman. He could realistically play all over the diamond and suits better as a super utility player. However Profar has had flashes of greatness at the plate, leading manager Jeff Bannister doing everything in his power to try and get him in the lineup. Starting him at first base would be the best way to do so.

For his career, Profar has appeared in 184 major league games, all with the Rangers. He has hit .235 with 12 homeruns, 48 RBIs and four stolen bases.

Joey Gallo isn’t necessarily a first baseman either, but he is blocked at his natural positions of third base and left field. He has absolute tore up minor league pitching and is ready for the major leagues. Having him play first base or DH helps the Rangers get his power bat in the lineup.

Gallo has appeared in 485 minor league games. He hit .254 with 152 homeruns, 375 RBIs and 32 stolen bases.

Both Profar and Gallo would be fine first base candidates for the Rangers, but neither have the proven track record of Frazier. In starting Profar/Gallo, the Rangers are basically taking a chance of their young stars. In trading and starting Frazier, the Rangers know exactly what they’re getting.

Assuming Profar/Gallo aren’t apart of a Frazier deal, the Rangers would then be free to move one for a starting pitcher. Adding a frontline starter to an elite offense and a pitching rotation already featuring Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish could push the team over the edge.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Rangers end up pulling the trigger on a Frazier trade. The team could certainly use his offense at first, however one of Profar/Gallo would be out of a job.

The Todd Frazier saga doesn’t seem like it’s coming to an end anytime soon, but there’s atleast a chance that the power-hitting corner infielder ends up with the Texas Rangers for the 2017 season.


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