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The White Sox Just Did Something That Hasn’t Been Done Since 1907


Well, this season could not have started off worse for the White Sox, as two of their best players are scheduled to be on the injured list for a good chunk of the season. If that isn’t bad enough, the team continues to stumble to a 2-14 record, the worst in the majors.

But, on Monday night, if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, the White Sox ruined a fantastic debut by Nick Nastrini. In his debut, he flashed his major league stuff, giving up just two runs in five strong innings. The bullpen would pitch the remaining four innings, allowing zero runs. Most of the time when you allow just two runs, you are likely to win that baseball game, but not for the White Sox.

That is now the sixth time the White Sox have been shutout this season, in just 16 games. Even the casual fan would know that is absolutely horrible. But it’s not just horrible, it is historically bad.

According to Codify Baseball, this current White Sox team now joins the 1907 Brooklyn Superbas (the previous team name for the Dodgers) as the only two teams in Major League Baseball history to be shut out six times in their first 16 games.

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Lots of people thought that the White Sox were going to be bad, but this is on a whole different level. Getting shutout is something that happens in baseball, as sometimes the pitching that day was just phenomenal. That just has not been the case this season. The White Sox simply cannot hit, and they need to figure out something soon or even the most loyal fans are going to stop watching.

As if being historically bad wasn’t embarrassing enough, they are also at the bottom of the league in almost every single hitting category this season.

The White Sox are 30th in runs scored with just 34 runs. Oakland is 29th with 48 runs. A 14 run difference between last and second to last in just 16 games! The Padres have scored 103 runs, an insane 69 run difference this early in the season.

They are last in homeruns with eight, having not hit a homerun in the last six days. The next closest is Detroit with 12. They are last in OBP, sitting at .268. They are second to last with a team average of .196, just barely above Minnesota who sits at .194. They are last in OPS, sitting at .568. They are second to last in hits with 99, just two ahead of Minnesota who has 97. The next closest is Oakland with 115 hits.

The White Sox are essentially last in every single major hitting category and it is by a wide margin. Minnesota has them beaten in a few categories but they still have managed to win 6 games compared to our 2. The White Sox are a pathetic excuse for a baseball team and everyone involved should be embarrassed. The fans deserve much better than to have to deal with this team on a daily basis.

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