Sunday, August 14, 2022

CSN Chicago Names The Perfect Free Agent For the Chicago White Sox


Jason Hammel

All three felt that Hammel would be the perfect bounce-back candidate free agent for the White Sox. They agreed that his contract number has been declining, meaning the White Sox could sign him for cheap; abeit more than Holland, and then flip him at the deadline.

Hammel has been in the MLB for the past 11 seasons, playing for the Rays, Rockies, Orioles, Athletics and Cubs. He has appeared in 306 games and 1, 503 innings.

Hammel holds a career 84-87 record with a 4.42 ERA and a 1, 192/480 K/BB ratio.

Hammel’s stats don’t look great on paper, but he held a 15-10 record last season with a 3.83 ERA. He is just two years removed from holding a 2.98 ERA.

The former Cubs pitcher is arguably the best free agent pitcher on the market. However that says more about the free agent market than the pitcher. Regardless, Hammel is a veteran pitcher who has succeeded in the past. He fits the bill of a player who could find his past success and become a trade candidate at the deadline. As a veteran who has appeared in the playoffs would be of massive interest for a playoff bound team.

On the White Sox, he would likely be the ace of the pitching staff assuming Quintana is moved. As the ace, he would have ample opportunities to prove his worth.

While that helps the White Sox in the long term, it also helps Hammel’s future in the MLB.

The former Chicago Cub isn’t drawing much hype, likely due to age and injury history. However if he is able to go to the White Sox and prove he could still pitch at a high level, he could draw the last long-term contract of his career next offseason.

Furthermore, Hammel knows what it is like to pitch in Chicago. After spending the last two years with the Cubs, he knows what the city is like. Being able to keep his family in the Windy City while restoring his value should appeal to Hammel.

Signing Hammel would give the White Sox another valuable trade piece at the deadline. Signing with the White Sox would give Hammel a familiar place to restore his free agent value. It seems like a match made in heaven.

While fans have been biting their fingernails waiting for the next big trade, signing Jason Hammel could be one of the best moves the Chicago White Sox could make this offseason.

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