After sweeping Sunday’s double-header the White Sox lost 11-4 on Monday to the Red Sox. Lucas Giolito only recorded three outs and while there weren’t too many things to cheer for this happened.

Danny Mendick and Yermin Mercedes pitched in the blowout loss after the short start from Giolito.

Top 1

Tim Anderson getting things going right away, reaches on an infield single.

Adam Eaton strikes out swinging. Anderson steals second.

Luis Robert drills the first pitch he sees and drives in Anderson with a double to left.

Jose Abreu grounds out to the pitcher.

Yasmani Grandal flies out to left.

Score: White Sox 1, Red Sox 0

Bottom 1

Kiké Hernández hits a ball high off the Green Monster and after video review it’s confirmed to be a home run to tie the game.

Alex Verdugo singles to left field.

JD Martinez singles to right and Verdugo goes to third.

Rafael Devers singles to right and the Red Sox take a 2-1 lead.

Christian Vázquez catches everyone by surprise and drops down a bunt. Jake Lamb’s throw is off target and the Red Sox catcher reaches safely on the bunt single to load the bases.

Marwin González swings at the first pitch and drives in another run. Bases still loaded and Lucas Giolito just doesn’t have it.

Hunter Renfroe hits the ball on a check-swing and drives in a run on the groundout. Red Sox lead 4-1.

Franchy Cordero singles to left-center field. Two runs score as Leury Garcia overruns the ball, which allowed the second runner to cross home plate. Red Sox up 6-1.

Bobby Dalbec with a 14-pitch plate appearance that ends with a walk. Giolito nearing 40 pitches with only one out in the first.

Hernández pops up.

Verdugo flies out to left.

Score: White Sox 1, Red Sox 6

Top 2

Yermin Mercedes strikes out swinging.

Jake Lamb strikes out swinging.

Leury Garcia strikes out swinging. Nathan Eovaldi with a shutdown inning.

Score: White Sox 1, Red Sox 6

Bottom 2

Martinez hits a home run and it’s 7-1.

Devers walks and that’s it for Giolito, who can only get three outs in the series finale. Zack Burdi coming in to pitch for the White Sox.

Vázquez singles to center and Devers races to third.

González strikes out swinging.

Renfroe with a sac-fly to make it 8-1.

Cordero strikes out swinging.

Score: White Sox 1, Red Sox 8

Top 3

Nick Madrigal triples down the right-field line to start the third.

Anderson strikes out swinging.

Eaton bangs one off the side wall in left for and hustles into second for an RBI-double.

Robert lines out to first.

Abreu strikes out swinging.

Score: White Sox 2, Red Sox 8

Bottom 3

Dalbac strikes out swinging.

Hernández fouls out to Abreu.

Verdugo smokes a home run to right-center field. Red Sox up 9-2.

Martinez grounds out to third.

Score: White Sox 2, Red Sox 9

Top 4

Garcia strikes out looking.

Mercedes grounds out to third.

Lamb grounds out to short.

Score: White Sox 2, Red Sox 9

Bottom 4

Devers grounds out to Madrigal.

Vázquez singles to center and that’s his third hit of the game.

Burdi walks González.

Renfroe chops one to Lamb, who only has one play at first. Runners move to second and third.

Cordero grounds a ball to the right side. Abreu can’t field it and a run scores. González gets caught in a rundown and is tagged out between third and home. Red Sox go up 10-2.

Score: White Sox 2, Red Sox 10

Top 5

Garcia grounds out to second.

Madrigal bunts and gets thrown out easily by the pitcher.

Anderson doubles to left field.

Eaton hits a fly ball that probably should have been caught, but it falls on the warning track for his second RBI-double of the day.

Robert strikes out swinging.

Score: White Sox 3, Red Sox 10

Bottom 5

Jose Ruiz now pitching for the White Sox.

Dalbac strikes out swinging.

Hernández strikes out looking.

Verdugo walks.

Martinez strikes out swinging.

Score: White Sox 3, Red Sox 10

Top 6

Abreu strikes out looking.

Grandal lines out to right field.

Mercedes finds a hole and singles down the right-field line.

Lamb lines out to second.

Score: White Sox 3, Red Sox 10

Bottom 6

Devers with a leadoff single to right field.

Vázquez reaches on a fielder’s choice, beating out the double play throw at first.

Ruiz called for a balk and Vázquez goes to second.

González grounds out to Abreu. Vázquez goes to third.

Renfroe strikes out looking.

Score: White Sox 3, Red Sox 10

Top 7

Garcia reaches on an infield single.

Madrigal strikes out swinging.

Another great at-bat from Anderson, who fouls off some tough pitches, works a full count and then singles to left. Garcia to third.

Anderson steals second base. Two in scoring position for Eaton.

Eaton grounds out up the middle and he drives in another run. It’s now 10-4. Anderson moves to third base.

Robert grounds out to end the inning.

Score: White Sox 4, Red Sox 10

Bottom 7

Yermin Mercedes is pitching!

Cordero walks and then takes second base on defensive indifference.

Dalbac lines out to Anderson and he doubles off Cordero at second.

Hernández doubles to left-center field.

Verdugo singles to right field and Hernández holds up at third base.

Martinez singles to left and Hernández scores.

Devers walks and the bases are loaded.

Vázquez flies out to Eaton in right-center field to end the seventh.

And how about this fun fact.

Score: White Sox 4, Red Sox 11

Top 8

Abreu strikes out swinging.

Zack Collins strikes out swinging.

Mercedes grounds out to shortstop.

Score: White Sox 4, Red Sox 11

Bottom 8

Danny Mendick now pitching for the White Sox.

And a HBP for González on a 60mph change up.

Renfroe singles to left-center field.

Mendick strikes out Cordero swinging!

Dalbac flies out to right field.

Hernández hits a grounder to Anderson, who throws to second for the final out.

Score: White Sox 4, Red Sox 11 

Lamb grounds out to second.

Garcia grounds out to third.

Madrigal grounds out to shortstop.

So, the White Sox and Red Sox split the 4-game series and sometimes you just have to forget about games like Monday. Giolito just didn’t have it and the Red Sox took advantage.

FINAL: White Sox 4, Red Sox 11