Saturday, December 3, 2022

David Ross Is Ready To Become A Manager If The Perfect Opportunity Pops Up


The Cubs have reportedly tried to hire David Ross to be their bench coach the past couple years, but he’s repeatedly said he wasn’t ready to jump back into the every day grind of a major league baseball schedule.

Well, Ross is now ready and not only does he want to coach, but he’s ready to be a manager.

Ross recently appeared on Mark Carman’s On The Mark podcast and without directly saying he wants to manage the Cubs, Ross said he wants to manage the Cubs.

Here are the main points Ross made on wanting to become a manager.

  • “heart itches to get back into dugout”
  • has to be right opportunity to pull him away from his family
  • thinks Maddon should return, honored to be rumored as possible candidate

“And do I want to put my stamp on a team and the things I believe in? Of course. You see things, even as a casual fan, you start to want to kinda do things your way.”
“It’s all about opportunity. I think when you have to give up and sacrifice family time, it’s gotta be worth it. I don’t do things halfway, I go all-in, so that’s a huge commitment from me.”

Ross currently has an analyst gig with ESPN and works as an assistant to Cubs GM Jed Hoyer in the front office.

Theo Epstein and several Cubs players have publicly said how the team has missed the former catcher’s leadership since his retirement following the 2016 season. Ross seems like the obvious choice right now, as many believe Joe Maddon is on his way out after 2019.

And despite the Cubs failing to make it to the postseason in 2019, that job seems ideal for a first-time manager. That roster will have plenty of talent in 2020 to compete.

So, we’ll see if Ross really is the target by the front office because right now he seems to be ready to jump at the opportunity to become the next manager of the Cubs.

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