Monday, September 25, 2023

David Ross Expected To Kick Ass At ESPN


There will be a lot of different things that I remember about the 2016 World Series run of the Chicago Cubs. One of them will be the emergence of David Ross as arguably the most popular player on a team that was littered with budding superstars. What makes Ross’ rise more impressive is the fact that he was primarily a role player throughout most of the season (and his career) but since 2016 would be his last, the rest of the team made sure that Ross went out with a bang.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Looking at Ross’ past, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone why the 39-year-old quickly captured the hearts of an entire city. Hell, he was liked by all of his former teams but we forget those times because of the cult-like following he developed in Chicago.

Now that Ross has hung up his spikes for good, he’s moved on to the next chapter in his life which is working as a baseball analyst for ESPN. Even though he’s no longer playing, Ross’ popularity has not dropped one bit. His new colleagues explained exactly why the beloved former catcher will continue to kick ass now as an analyst and not a baseball player.

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