Tuesday, July 9, 2024

A Cody Bellinger Suitor Has Emerged If The Cubs Decide To Sell


The bare minimum the Chicago Cubs needed to do before the 2024 season began if they wanted to contend was re-sign Cody Bellinger. They did that to the tune of three years and $60 million with a player option after each season. They also brought in manager Craig Counsell, added starting pitcher Shota Imanaga, and traded for infielder Michael Busch.

All four of these moves made many believe the Cubs were ready to catapult themselves into contention, building on the success of 2023. Unfortunately, they look even worse than they did at this point last season. While Imanaga and Busch have found success in their new home, Bellinger and others have struggled to keep pace. It has led to the Cubs being in last place of a winnable division by a double-digit margin.

The Cubs are well out of the race in the NL Central and are hanging on for deal life in the Wild Card. While it may still be obtainable, each team ahead of the Cubs holds a tiebreaker against them. At this point, they and Cody Bellinger would need a miracle that surpassed what kept them alive for so long in 2023.

Teams have a couple of weeks to determine what holes they can fill to contend in the second half of 2024 for a chance to play in October. The Cubs themselves may be stuck. But they’re closer to being sellers than they are buyers. They don’t have a lot to offer that would generate a great return. But one heavyweight in the National League is taking 2024 seriously and is acting like the big-market Cubs should be trying to do. Bellinger could help them handsomely, according to one former general manager.

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Philadelphia Phillies Looking Hard At Cody Bellinger, Center Fielders

Former MLB General Manager Jim Bowden was talking about the Philadelphia Phillies and their plans at the trade deadline on MLB Network Radio. While the Phillies look primed for another deep run in October, they have a clear weakness in center field. According to Bowden, they are making a trade for Cody Bellinger of the Cubs, Jazz Chisholm of the Miami Marlins, or Luis Robert Jr. of the Chicago White Sox a priority. One of those three is expected to join the Phillies and help capture a World Series that has eluded them for a few years now.

Bellinger’s season has not gone exactly as well as 2023. His slash is .266/.326/.411. While it’s not what had him in contention for MVP last year, it’s still good enough to make him one of the better offensive options on a struggling Cubs team. Perhaps a change of scenery could change Bellinger’s outlook.

If Bellinger turns it around for the second half of 2024, either after staying with the Cubs or helping another team play in October, he will be in a position to opt out of his current contract and look for a bigger payday. He has plenty to play for already to the end of 2024. Another chance at a World Series could give him extra motivation. As for the Cubs, whether they move Bellinger or not, they’re just sort of stuck.

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