As reported, the Tampa Bay Rays are reportedly open to trading Blake Snell, which is surprising to see, to say the least. While the Rays are open to trading Snell, the Chicago Cubs on the other hand don’t know where they’re headed, like are they tearing it down and rebuilding or not?

If Jed Hoyer and the Chicago Cubs are going to be competing in 2021 wouldn’t it be nice to see Snell at the top of the rotation with Yu Darvish, and Kyle Hendricks? The Cubs desperately need starting pitching since they declined Jon Lester’s $25 million dollar option and Tyler Chatwood, and Jose Quintana are free agents.

Snell, has had an amazing start to his MLB career if I do say so myself. He has a career 3.24 ERA, won both the AL Cy Young award and the ERA title in 2018 with a 1.89 ERA in 180.2 innings pitched. Right before the 2019 season, Snell ended up signing a 5-year $50 million dollar contract extension with the Rays. Snell is set to earn about $10.5 million during the 2021 season, $12.5 million during the 2022 season, and roughly $16 million during the 2023 season, and will become a free agent in 2024.

Trade Package #1 That The Chicago Cubs Could Consider

It may be unlikely for the Cubs to actually acquire Snell because we have no clue on what their plans are for the 2021 season and beyond that, but anything is possible.

So, here is the first trade package the Cubs could offer the Rays for Snell.

The Cubs offer Kris Bryant to the Rays for Snell. Yes, I said Bryant for Snell straight up. The Rays get their future third baseman, and the Cubs add another ace to their pitching staff, it’s a win-win for both teams. Trading away Bryant would help the Cubs afford this trade.

Trade Package #2 That The Chicago Cubs Could Consider

If the Cubs trade Bryant to a different team and are still trying to acquire Snell, they can throw some of their top prospects in.

So, here is the second trade package the Cubs could offer the Rays for Snell.

Adbert Alzolay, and Miguel Amaya for Snell. Yes, if the Cubs do indeed trade away Amaya, that would essentially mean that they are committing to Willson Contreras for the near future.

Trade Package #3 That The Chicago Cubs Could Consider

If the DH doesn’t stay in the NL for the 2021 season then I feel like this trade would be intriguing for the Cubs to offer so they can get Schwarber out of the NL.

Kyle Schwarber, and Brailyn Marquez for Snell. The Cubs include Schwarber which would help them acquire Snell and the Rays get their full-time DH. Marquez is the Cubs’ top pitching prospect and is also a lefty just like Snell.

Adding Snell to the rotation would indicate that the Cubs are in win-now mode for the 2021 season and beyond and will not be rebuilding. The rotation of Darvish, Snell, Hendricks, Mills, plus whoever becomes the fifth starter could be one of the best in the NL and could take the Cubs to the top.

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