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USC Teammates Had Interesting Comments On Caleb Williams’ Leadership


Everybody knows Caleb Williams is a uniquely talented quarterback. The Patrick Mahomes comparisons are valid. His arm strength, accuracy, mobility, and creativity all mirror the Kansas City Chiefs superstar. Of course, one of the things that separates Mahomes from others is his unbridled competitiveness and leadership. GM Ryan Poles said that is something he believes is vital to making a franchise quarterback. He’ll be searching for it in the upcoming NFL draft for the Chicago Bears, and Williams is the most hyped option.

People aren’t sure what to make of him as a leader. While his stats at USC were phenomenal, he never seemed to elevate the program to the highest level. A lot of that wasn’t on him—still, some wonder if some lacking leadership traits may have played a part in such underachieving. Nicholas Moreano of CHGO caught up with two of Williams’ teammates at the East-West Shrine Bowl to discuss their former QB. Their comments were enlightening.

WR Tahj Washington

“A phenomenal player as we all know, but even better person. Having that inside take on, you know, him as a person…

…He’s a great teammate. Great person on and off the field. Like joke, funny, guys like that. He knows how to compartmentalize well.”

DL Solomon Byrd

“Caleb is a dude. I mean he is one of us, the guys, like if Caleb didn’t have his face so to speak, you wouldn’t know the difference between Caleb and another guy. He’s one of us. He’s one of us.”

Caleb Williams doesn’t seem to carry red flags.

While nobody would call him a natural-born leader, it sounds like he’s great in the locker room and knows how to mesh with his teammates. He also handles the pressure and expectations of his position well. These are good traits for a young quarterback to have. Some guys grow into leadership roles over time. In fact, most of them do. Of course, it’s essential to remember Washington and Byrd aren’t inclined to air any dirty laundry on their former QB. That won’t make them look great, with their own hopes to reach the NFL still in process.

One can safely assume the Bears are talking to any and all people anywhere in the vicinity of Caleb Williams during his time at USC and Oklahoma. The more opinions they collect, the clearer the picture becomes. If they catch any red flags, it may influence what they do with that #1 pick. Poles is known for being a stickler for details. He will leave no stone unturned. If the Bears do end up drafting Williams in April, it will come with assurance they exhausted every possible avenue in their research.


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Feb 10, 2024 7:51 am

And yes, CW is 3-8 as a starter while playing ranked teams. There’s not just one thing but several. If CW loses to the better college teams, the NFL are the best of the college players. He gets sacked way too much and has a slower release time than Fields. Last but not least he fumbles even more. Then to top it off he doesn’t have the ability to take off for chunks of yards on the scramble.

Jim Jones
Feb 9, 2024 5:49 pm

What’s funny is all the people complaining about the “1 sided articles” and how they hate coming here, yet still do. You do realize the website makes money by views through advertising right? So by you showing up to complain on all these CW articles you make them money. That funny thing called analytics tells them where the idiots are interacting. Guess what? Going out on a limb and saying the views on this article are exponential to any other topic or article. Your complaining only drives revenue. Therefore your complaining has them create even more CW content 🤣🤣🤣. Also,… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by Jim Jones
Jan 30, 2024 9:40 pm

Caleb is smaller weaker arm weaker legs and couldn’t beat any good team in college and his mental make up is a diva. He is 22 fields 24 plus has a slower release than fields! Also don’t want Mitch 2.0 either trade down get the haul and fire your one sided writers!!

Jan 29, 2024 6:36 pm

With all these articles and accompanying comments I have learned 4 things.
#1) Fields sucks.
#2) Williams is the second coming of Christ.
#3) The most important thing about drawing a quarterback is he will come with a cheaper contract.

#4) Both the article writers and the commenters are stuck in their own beliefs and nothing can change that fact.

Jan 28, 2024 3:17 pm

@Sam K Recently people have talked about the Herschel Walker trade. Two elements of that isn’t mentioned as much: The Cowboys had Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman. When you talk about Justin Fields “three years,” and then list stats, I have to point out that Aikman’s first year, he lost every game except one, threw 9TDs, with 18INTs. Fields is obviously better than that, but while you say “3rd yr.” I think of him as a “seasoned rookie.” I know with OSU, he was coached, but came into the NFL with identified problems (which is why he fell below Trevor… Read more »

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