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What Makes Alex Caruso So Special?


The Bulls have been in a bit of a slump since their 9-game win streak recently. we get it. It’s sports, and that’s just how it goes. You get hot and you think that’s how it’s going to be then boom. Life humbles you real quick. For the Bulls, this humbling experience took an even nastier turn after Alex Caruso was thrown around like a rag doll by none other than Grayson Allen. Assuming most everyone has seen this, but in case you haven’t, take a look.

This play ended up causing Caruso to miss the next 6-8 weeks due to needing surgery on his wrist. We aren’t here to discuss the fact that Grayson Allen continually does this stuff over and over. Nor are we here to even talk about the fact that Vooch should’ve been allowed one free swing. Joking aside, we’re simply here to shine some light on the situation by taking a look at what makes AC so special while showcasing some of his highlights.

Ballin’ Ain’t New For The Texan

When you first get a glimpse of Alex Caruso, you may not think he’s gonna tear you up on the basketball court. It’s no offense to him, it’s just how it is sometimes! But AC doesn’t care what people think about him. You’ll quickly find out that this 6’5 ball of speed has been balling on people since the start. Caruso averaged a slight 18 points and 9 rebounds in his senior season of high school, which helped boost him to a 4-star recruit according to ESPN. 

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Considering that Caruso’s dad worked at Texas A&M since his childhood, it all made sense for him to stay home and continue with that Aggie tradition. He made the most of his time at College Station by averaging about 8 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists over his four years. That’s a pretty respectable career for anybody, and he made a memorable mark during his senior year campaign.

Undrafted Underdog

Although he had a solid career at A&M, the NBA scouts must have been delusional passing up on the White Mamba. While many would have given up after being passed on, Caruso knew that he had something to prove. According to an interview from 2019 when he sat down with Mike Trudell, “I think the best part of my game is I can play multiple roles,” said Caruso. This is what makes him so special: he’s unselfish and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the team a win. He doesn’t care about the stats or the glitz and glamour. He cares about getting the job done in any way, shape, or form, and that’s why his teammates and coaches love him anywhere he plays.

Another reason why teams love him? Take a look.

Yea, you read that correctly. He continued to play through a fractured wrist that came about thanks to Grayson Allen’s audition for WWE. He plays with grit that ignites the entire team and doesn’t let the outside noise affect him or injuries for that matter. He’s consistently been a guy that creates havoc for ball handlers and has proven that he’s not afraid of anyone in this league.

Who Wouldn’t Want AC?

The additions the Bulls made to their roster this past offseason were historic, as the team looks to be completely different than what we’ve seen in the past few years. Although us fans could only dream and hope for a season like we’re having, one thing was certain: the team knew they had something special.

This is the stuff that brings teams together and matters when it comes to crunch time during the postseason. Caruso has been and always will be a team-first player, and he’s the exact same way off the court. He respects his teammates and coaches, he sticks up for them and shouts them out, and he knows what it takes to be a contender in this league.

So, although he’s only averaging around 8 points and 4 rebounds/assists per game, his impact is felt in a variety of ways for this Bulls team, such as his average of 2 steals a game. He’s a glue that will stick it out until the end, and that’s what this team needs. Get well soon, AC.

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