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Woj Reveals Current Frontrunner To Land DeMar DeRozan From Bulls


Everybody agrees the big domino left to fall in NBA free agency is DeMar DeRozan. The six-time All-Star hasn’t made his plans public, but several reports indicate he is ready to move on from the Chicago Bulls. That isn’t a surprise since the team has clearly shifted toward a youth movement. At 34 years old, DeRozan is running out of time to pursue a championship. This might be his last chance to land on a good team while still getting a solid payday. His primary goal is to avoid the mid-level exception.

That creates problems since many of the teams interested in his services, like the Lakers and Clippers, are over the salary cap. However, ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski provided an update on the DeRozan situation. From what he’s gathered, one team is making a determined push to get him.

Chicago is clearly trying to unload DeRozan and doesn’t want to handcuff themselves with another bloated contract in the process. That is why a third team is required. It must be one that can handle the financial burden. That will take some time. Meanwhile, other teams may try jumping into the mix.

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DeMar DeRozan to Sacramento makes sense.

Last season was a disappointment for the young west coast squad after their excellent run the year before. Though the Kings won 46 games, they missed the playoffs and saw their offensive productivity dip from 1st in the NBA to 13th. They need more firepower to give them a chance in the West. DeRozan has been good for 20+ points per game for the past decade. Nothing last year suggested he’d lost a step. He is also proficient at closing out games in the 4th quarter, which is something else Sacramento needs.

Would DeMar DeRozan be open to this idea? Most likely, yes. He’s a west coast native out of L.A. The Kings are still a young team with plenty of talent. Pairing with D’Aaron Fox would give him a great opportunity to challenge the established teams in the conference while playing closer to home. Everything depends on what magic Sacramento can pull to make a sign-and-trade work for both parties. Will the Bulls prefer a young player in return or a 1st round pick? Only Arturas Karnisovas can answer that.

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