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Alex Caruso’s Injury Is Another Reason Why Grayson Allen Should No Longer Be In The NBA


If you somehow missed what occurred last night let me give a quick recap. In the third quarter of last night’s game, Milwaukee Bucks guard Grayson Allen was given a flagrant 2 and ejected from the game. He was given the flagrant 2 after a clear non-basketball play made as he tried to stop guard Alex Caruso from scoring. Allen grabbed/swiped Caruso on the arms/head as he was in the air and essentially threw him to the ground. Take a look for yourself.

It was clearly a flagrant foul. Upon review, the refs agreed and Allen was ejected. When the announcement was made that it was in fact a flagrant 2 Allen had quite the reaction.

That’s right, after throwing a player to the floor and being ejected Allen walked out smirking. The dude clearly wasn’t bothered and happy with his decisions on the floor. Everything appeared to be alright with Caruso after the hard fall. However, today we were given the news that turned out to be the worst-case scenario.

Caruso will be out for an extended period

Unfortunately today it was revealed that Alex Caruso did in fact get injured during that flagrant foul. We aren’t talking about a minor injury either.

After missing quite a bit of time already this season Caruso will now miss another 6-8 weeks. All because Grayson Allen is a dirty player and was beat on the play. Caruso has been a key piece to the Bulls especially on the defensive end of the floor. Now the team will be without him again. Allen has a history of dirty plays throughout his basketball career. They started in college and have continued in the NBA. This should be the final straw for Allen after seriously injuring another player.

The punishment for Allen needs to be severe

Like I said Allen has been involved in quite a few dirty plays during his basketball career. However, this one is the worst of them all as it caused another player to have surgery. Allen’s punishment needs to be severe and it seems like everyone outside of Milwaukee fans agree with that. Most are suggesting that Allen gets the same length of suspension as Caruso’s recovery time. I for one think he should no longer play in the NBA. That likely won’t happen but a 6-8 week suspension seems fitting.

Grayson Allen is the worst type of NBA player. He’s cocky but not very good. He’s a dirty player who doesn’t care who he hurts. Most importantly he’s an overall unpleasant person and has been since college. The league doesn’t need someone like Grayson Allen. Hopefully, the league will pass down a hefty suspension for Allen after this. Regardless of when Allen will be on the court again he certainly will need to watch his back.

Expect things to get intense next time these teams meet

Mark your calendars everyone because Milwaukee comes to Chicago on March 4th. That will be the next time these two teams meet and if Allen is on the floor he will need to watch his back. After the injury news, I can imagine Caruso’s teammates are heated. When these two teams hit the floor in March I hope to see some shots being thrown Allen’s way. He’s always been a dirty player and it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine. You can be 100% certain that Bulls fans will make his life hell at the United Center. After news came out about Caruso’s injury social media was flooded with angry posts about Allen so the UC will be ready to welcome him in the worst way possible.

Besides the fans, I’m hoping that the Bulls welcome Allen back with some hard elbows and hits on the court. He needs to be given a taste of his own medicine and the Bulls should help deliver it. All teams are welcome to join in on teaching him a lesson. The best thing for him will be if he is given a hefty suspension.

All eyes are on the commissioner

There are certainly going to be a lot of eyes on NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Fans are going to want to see Allen hit with a harsh penalty. It likely won’t be enough for everyone in Chicago but it needs to be significant. If it isn’t Allen will continue to be the dirty player that he is. If you ask me I think he should be out until Caruso comes back. It would be fitting to suspend Allen without pay and give his game checks to Caruso. That won’t happen but we can dream. There’s only one way to describe Grayson Allen and NBA paint did it perfectly.

Caruso won’t be back for 6-8 weeks once the surgery is complete. If it takes the full 8 weeks Caruso could return on March 22nd when the Bulls play the Bucks in Milwaukee. We will keep an eye on Caruso as he recovers and we hope for the best with his health. At the same time, we hope that commissioner Silver gives Allen a heavy punishment after costing Caruso 6-8 weeks of this season.

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