Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Bulls Are In Pursuit Of A 4x All-Star


The Bulls are just 27 days away from training camp beginning. As it sits right now they haven’t filled out the entire team roster. While the adjustments that were made in the offseason were quite major the team isn’t done yet. The team still needs to fill two roster spots along with one two-way player spot. With that being said it sounds like the Bulls are in the running for one player in particular to fill one of those spots.

The Bulls are apparently one of three teams in the running for power forward Paul Millsap. Millsap is a 14 year NBA veteran who still has some gas left in the tank. After parting ways with forward Lauri Markkanen the Bulls are left a bit thin at the power forward position. Second-year forward Patrick Williams is the anticipated starter but behind him, the Bulls don’t really have much. They have a couple of backup centers who could fill in at the power forward position in Tony Bradley and Marko Simonovic. However, the Bulls know they need a tried and true power forward to back up Williams. That’s where Millsap comes into play.

Millsap adds a veteran presence

While you could say Millsap’s best days are behind him he can still compete at a high level. He also brings with him that others can’t, experience. Millsap has played for three different teams over his 14-year career in the NBA. He knows how to be effective in this league and has been consistent. Last season with the Nuggets Millsap averaged 9.0 PPG, 47.6 %FG, 4.7 RPG, & 1.8 APG. He did this all averaging 20.8 minutes per game. He was efficient and effective with his time on the floor. Although he may be 36 years old Millsap can still make plays.


Millsap can still make big plays when given the opportunity. Yes, he’s gotten slower as he’s gotten older. His defense isn’t as good as when he was younger but he is still a solid player off the bench. The Bulls are certainly going to make a push for him. The question is will they be able to pull it off?

The Bulls have competition

The main issue here is the Bulls aren’t the only team looking at Millsap. According to reports, there are two pretty solid opponents looking at Millsap.

Not only are the Warriors and Nets gunning for Millsap but apparently Millsap could have a starting role in Brooklyn. Millsap is coming to the end of his career and he hasn’t won a championship. If he is like a lot of older players he will likely choose to go to a contender. That would likely land him in Brooklyn. However, it must not be that simple, or else the deal would already be done. The same thing goes for Golden State. This will likely come down to one thing across all three teams. Money.

Can the Bulls afford Millsap?

This is where things get a little bit tougher. Yes, technically they can however the avenue in which they bring him in will determine how much. The team currently still has a little bit left from there by annual exception which is around $3.5 million which they could use on Millsap. The team also still has the option to use the traded player exception. The front office could pull off the fifth sign and trade of the season to acquire Millsap. Surprisingly the Bulls actually have more ways to sign Millsap than the other teams interested. This is where it’s going to be up to Millsap on what he wants with the end of his career. If he’s looking to just grab some more money then the Bulls are certainly in the running. If he wants to go for a championship then don’t be surprised if he lands in Brooklyn. The Bulls are going to be a good team next year but a championship contender is a bit of a stretch.

The Bulls certainly can afford Millsap and he would be a great addition to the team’s bench. A veteran guy who can help Patrick Williams come into form. Don’t forget that Millsap was an All-Star four years in a row from 2013-2017. He still has the skills to be a contributing member of this team. The Bulls could certainly use a player with his experience and skills coming off the bench as they work to round out this roster.

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