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Price Revealed On What It’d Take For Bulls To Land Rudy Gobert


Just a couple of days ago, news broke that the Bulls are confirmed to be active this off-season. Whether that be in free agency or the trade market is still unknown. However recent reports did surface that the Bulls are interested in trading for Utah Jazz All-Star Center Rudy Gobert. What would a potential trade package look like? Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report gave us some insight on what a deal might actually consist of.

Nikola Vucevic and Patrick Williams for Rudy Gobert 

It’s no secret acquiring a player of Gobert’s caliber would carry a high price tag. And according to Luke Fishcer’s report, the popular trade package discussed around the league includes both Nikola Vucevic and Patrick Williams.

“Any deal that lands Gobert with the Bulls would almost certainly include Nikola Vucevic.. And while Vucevic is generally considered a net negative on the defensive end, the popular package that’s been mentioned by league executives of Vucevic and second-year forward Patrick Williams would introduce the perimeter defender the Jazz have long been said to covet”

The Jazz obviously want to receive the best possible package in return for Gobert but there were other players mentioned that could also be apart of a realistic deal. The reason for this is due to Luke Fishcer additionally reporting that there is yet to be legitimate signs that Chicago is even willing to part ways with 20-year old Power Foward Patrick Williams. The other trade pieces who could be thrown in were Coby White and Javonte Green who’d help make the financial aspect of a potential trade work.

Is Rudy Gobert Worth It?

This is what it all comes down to. The Bulls would be getting a 3x DPOY, a walking double double, who also averages almost 2 blocks a game. He’d instantly upgrade the Bulls defensively and perhaps even make them contenders? But the risk here, is Chicago would be giving up a very intriguing prospect in Patrick Williams who’s true potential is yet to be unlocked. Could Williams be even better than Gobert when it’s all said and done?

The traits are there but it would be a tall task to accomplish. I don’t think Williams will win 3 DPOY awards but when you factor in his overall game and the potential on the offensive side of the ball, there is legitimate reason to not include Williams in any potential trade packages for Gobert. Not to mention Williams is almost 10 years younger.

If I am Chicago, I’d give Utah a call and offer a deal that obviously includes Vooch but hang up if the conversations must include Patrick Williams. I believe him to be too valuable and given the contract that comes with Gobert and factoring in his age.. it’d be an huge overpay in my opinion.

Offer Vooch, Coby, and Javonte. If that package stalls throw in pick No. 18 in this years draft along with Vooch and perhaps one more player. If that doesn’t get a deal done then go sign Mitchell Robinson in free agency.

Which honestly might actually be the best route for Chicago to go all things considered.

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