This is the perfect Michael Jordan story. Some drinking, a lot of golf, gambling and the GOAT refusing to take an L.

Former Blackhawks center Jeremy Roenick joined 670 The Score on Thursday and he shared yet another story to add to the legend of Michael Jordan. As Roenick recalls, back in 1992 or 1993, Jordan called him so they could meet up early one day and play a round of golf. Of course, there was some gambling and Roenick won a few thousand bucks from Jordan after 18 holes. But MJ wasn’t going home without another chance to win.

So, the duo had some beer, played 18 more holes and the result was the same. Roenick won, yet Jordan still wasn’t done.

See, the Blackhawks didn’t have a game that night, but the Bulls did against the Cavaliers and as Roenick messed with Jordan saying he was going to call his bookie and bet on Cleveland, Jordan bet him that the Bulls would win by at least 20 and that he’d score at least 40.

Of course Jordan delivered.