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Bulls’ Rookie Dalen Terry Among Several Bulls Players Who Just Dominated This Weekend


Many consider this to be a downtime for the NBA. The draft is over, and free agency more or less has come to an end. However, what several Chicago Bulls players have done this weekend in summer ball, should have you jumping out of your seat with excitement. Folks…Dalen Terry, Demar DeRozan, and Goran Dragic just went off!

Dalen Terry Drops 56 Points

Some were surprised when the Chicago Bulls made Dalen Terry, out of Arizona, the 17th pick in the NBA Draft. The 6-foot-7 wing is known for his lockdown defense. However, almost every scout agrees that his offensive game has a long way to go. Considering what he did yesterday in the Craw-over Pro-Am, that may now be up for debate.

A few things stick out to me when watching these incredible highlights. First, Terry hit several contested and tough shots in this game. There was defense was being played. Also, Dalen Terry has absolutely no fear when taking it to the rim, and he welcomes body contact. For a rookie, that is incredibly impressive. If Terry can show these offensive skills in NBA action, along with his defense which is already ready, he is going to be an immediate contributor.


Demar DeRozan Doing Demar DeRozan Things

DeRozan carried the Bulls last year a majority of the season. He finished last year’s campaign averaging nearly 29 points per game and was the team’s clear leader. The 33-year-old showed that he had plenty left in the tank. Yesterday, in the Drew League Playoffs, he again showed why the Bulls made the right choice in signing him.

DeRozan, just like last year, continues to look like a magician with the basketball in his hands. His ability to make something out of nothing is something that not many on a basketball court can do.

When watching the highlights of Terry and DeRozan, you can see that Terry’s game mirrors DeRozan’s in that both love taking the ball to the hoop. While neither is a strong 3-point shooter, they both can score in multiple ways. Having DeRozan be a mentor for the rookie Terry should be an exciting thing to watch this upcoming season.

Dragic Has Plenty Left In The Tank

The Chicago Bulls made a surprising move when they signed the 36-year-old point guard to a one-year contract this offseason. The signing certainly made sense with the uncertainty surrounding Lonzo Ball’s injury. Many people wonder just how much Dragic has left in the tank, though, and if he can play meaningful minutes. He appears to be answering those questions this summer while playing for his home country of Slovenia.

Dragic looks like he has plenty of speed left. His play-making ability and natural leadership should benefit every player on the Bulls roster.

Bulls Look Ready To Go

If the way that Terry, DeRozan, and Dragic are playing in summer ball is any indication, this Bulls team should be ready to go right out of the game when the season tips off in a few short months. It is exciting to see that not only are Bulls players participating in meaningful game action this summer, but they are dominating games. Who says the offseason isn’t fun?


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Aug 16, 2022 11:03 pm

PW & Lonzo were injured most of last year. Starters. Caruso was out much of the year. That took energy and production from the bench. Zach also had a nagging injury. When healthy, the Bulls dominated and became #1. Now, why is everyone saying the Bulls won’t be any good? Some analysts say the Bulls will not make the playoffs. Even Pippen said the Bulls are not built for the playoffs. WTF?? I think the Bulls have talent AND depth. Each player seems to be focused on getting better. Ayo, Terry, PW have all been working hard on their games.… Read more »

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