Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Hurricanes Just Unlocked A Side Of Connor Bedard We Haven’t Seen Yet


When Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard finally returned from a six-week stint on the injured list, he wasted no time getting back in the scoring column. His effect on the team has been palpable – without their star, Chicago scored only 1.5 goals per game but has scored seven in his first three matchups back.

Bedard himself has tallied six points in those three games and even had two potential goals waved off for his teammates being caught offsides. He picked up right where he left off, and even improved his all-around game, becoming more physical on both ends of the ice.

But in Monday night’s loss in Carolina, the Hurricanes unlocked another side of Bedard – one we haven’t seen yet. For his entire on-camera life and through his time in the NHL, the 18-year-old has been a stoic, calm presence, both on the ice and with the press. His emotional maturity was impressive in the pre-draft process, displaying a demeanor far beyond his years.

However, Monday was the first time we saw the superstar rookie truly fired up. At the end of the second period, Bedard was shoved into Hurricanes goaltender Spencer Martin, who took exception and gave Bedard a push, exchanging words as the two sides headed into the locker room at the intermission.

When Bedard came out of the locker room angry, he promptly took over the game. His team was staring at a 5-1 deficit at that point, but the Blackhawks’ offense kept firing and picked up a pair of goals, giving the rookie two more points for a three-point game. After yet another overturned goal, Bedard provided the game’s coldest moment:

Sure, his team lost by three, but it was fun to see Bedard unlock another level to his game. Multiple analysts have since compared the period to what we saw from prime Patrick Kane, taking over the game after getting angry.

Monday’s game provided other teams with a valuable lesson on how to handle Bedard. Once he’s fired up, he’s shown that he certainly has the talent to take over a game, lighting up the scoreboard. Perhaps teams will learn to tread more lightly in the future.


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Feb 21, 2024 7:15 am

Spencer Martin a 2 bit player that isnt even a has been. He’s a never was! Im glad Bedard stared him down. Spencer who? Not Tracy, Haywood, Dinwiddie, or Spencer Cavendish. Just another dillhole.

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