Wednesday, July 10, 2024

HBO Reveals Rome Odunze Almost Went To A Different Team


The Chicago Bears spent over an hour during the 1st round of the NFL draft holding their breath. After securing Caleb Williams with the #1 overall pick, they had to wait until they were on the clock again at #9. GM Ryan Poles and his scouts had done loads of prep work for this moment, pouring over all the scenarios that could unfold. They had a short list of players they would be happy with and also would consider trading down. However, one thing was clear before the draft began: they really wanted Rome Odunze.

Chicago had monitored the Washington wide receiver for two years during his rise with the Huskies. His strong performance at the scouting combine helped his case even further. Yet it was during the interview process that they became convinced he was the type of player and person they needed on their roster. His size, strength, speed, route-running, work ethic, and leadership all piled into one impressive package. The Bears weren’t the only team who experienced this. Odunze also got the same reaction from the New York Giants brass, as HBO’s latest Off-season Hard Knocks showed.

Their GM, Joe Schoen, was a big fan of his. However, it appears Giants head coach Brian Daboll was smitten with LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers.

Rome Odunze is as confident as he is unselfish.

That isn’t easy to find in young players. He believes he has the ability to beat anybody he lines up against. At the same time, he isn’t one of those people resistant to multiple responsibilities. He will play outside and inside and even volunteer on punt returns if he has to. Whatever it takes to win. It is no wonder teammates and coaches loved him. They knew he had their back. Every time Washington needed a big play, he always seemed to be the one making it. Such players can be invaluable to the development of a young quarterback.

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It isn’t hard to understand why Caleb Williams instantly connected with Rome Odunze. The wide receiver has no problem communicating and has a personality that is easy to like. Well, and he can ball. That certainly helps. New York ended up taking Nabers instead. That isn’t a huge surprise. Teams generally tend to favor the faster players high in the draft. While Odunze isn’t slow, he’s not as explosive as Nabers. Don’t be surprised if he still ends up having the better career. Everything about him indicates he will go far.


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Jul 10, 2024 3:56 pm

I absolutely love this new Hardknocks!!! These scouts and team personnel are living the dream. To see the behind the scenes how an organization goes about all this process is amazing to watch. It was great to see Rome and CW in their interviews. Definitely got a great look at why the Bears drafted both of them. I think Nabers will be good and I had him above Rome in my views but after watching the interviews it’s no question Rome was the better choice. Thanks Brian for gifting wrapping him for us. Can’t wait till August 6 for first… Read more »

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