Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Chicago Blackhawks To Rebuild Going Forward


After not finding the success the Chicago Blackhawks had expected to see during the last three seasons, Stan Bowman and the Blackhawks will start to rebuild their roster. This is something many fans were expecting, as it was rumored weeks ago. It was finally confirmed today, with this press release from the team.

There are many questions that will arise after reading that press release from the team.

What Happens With The Blackhawks’ Veterans?

The veterans of the team are thinning out, as we’ve now seen Corey Crawford and Brandon Saad be removed from the equation. It’s easier to understand Crawford not being re-signed, as he is 35-years-old. But trading Brandon Saad? He’s still in his 20s, he could stick around for a rebuild, if he’d take a pay cut when his contract expires.

Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, and Brent Seabrook are the last guys left from the 2010 Stanley Cup team. They’re wasting the last few seasons of Keith’s career, as he has another two-to-three years left in the league. They’re wasting more time with Kane and Toews in their prime. And with Seabrook, he has an unmoveable contract, worth $6,875,000 per season. Nobody wants Seabrook’s deal.

Toews already expressed that he was shocked by the direction the team is headed. I can only imagine how he and the rest of the veterans feel about this decision to rebuild this team.

A Wasted Free Agency

As fans may remember, the Blackhawks were the youngest team in the playoffs. They beat the Oilers in a best-of-five series to earn their playoff spot. In the first round, they were knocked out of the playoffs by the Golden Knights in five games.

One would think they would build from that, but it seems like tearing down the team is the direction Stan Bowman plans on going.

The Blackhawks did add Lucas Wallmark, Mattias Janmark, and Nikita Zadorov to their roster, but they left a lot of cards on the table. One of those cards being signing a new goalie.

We’re still waiting for Dylan Strome to be re-signed, as he is a key piece to the future of this franchise.

Does Jeremy Colliton Stay As Their Head Coach?

The biggest thing that this rebuild does is gives Stan Bowman some job stability. Even though Bowman has won three Stanley Cups, the team hasn’t been so great recently. This announcement will buy him time to get better. Jeremy Colliton, on the other hand, hasn’t done anything for the team, as he is relatively new.

There were rumors of Colliton getting a contract extension around a month ago, but nothing came from it. If Bowman’s job is safe though, one would assume Colliton’s is too.

Bowman hired Colliton back in November of 2018 after firing long-time head coach Joel Quenneville. It was their first step to the new era of the Blackhawks. Colliton is Bowman’s guy, Quenneville wasn’t, as he was there before Bowman took over as GM in 2010.

Colliton will likely stay as long as Bowman has a job. If there’s pressure put on Bowman, Colliton might be the first to go before they decide to fire Bowman. The team has trusted faith in Bowman for years now and it doesn’t look like anything will change that going forward.

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