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Three Reasons Justin Fields Is Set To Return For The Bears Next Season


The upcoming seven games in Justin Fields career carry significant importance. Beyond showcasing his skills for the Chicago Bears, he’s also auditioning for other NFL teams seeking a quarterback in the next offseason. It’s essential to remember that Fields is under contract with the Bears until 2024, and the team has the option to utilize his fifth year if they decide to. Nevertheless, the clock is ticking on making that decision. Despite this, I have three reasons to believe that Justin Fields will remain on the Bears roster for the next season.

Justin Fields will play his way into one more season

The next seven games for Justin Fields will significantly influence General Manager Ryan Poles decision regarding the quarterback position in the next off-season. Despite facing some tough opponents during this stretch, there are also favorable matchups. The schedule features a diverse mix of defenses, talent levels, and meaningful games.

If Fields performs well and secures 3-4 wins, it will strengthen his case for the position. I believe Fields statistics and overall progress will convince Poles to continue building through the draft and supporting the current quarterback. So, let’s go ahead and welcome to Marvin Harrison Jr. in Chicago.

The Panthers will fumble the number 1 pick

Currently, the Panthers are the worst team in the NFL with only one win. Despite their poor performance, there are other teams emerging as potential contenders for the top spot in the NFL Draft. The Patriots, Giants, and Cardinals each have two wins, with the Cardinals showing promise due to Kyler Murray’s return and impressive talent. However, the Giants and Patriots are really bad teams.

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The unpredictable nature of the NFL means that the outcome may not be determined until the final week, raising the possibility that the Panthers might not secure the coveted number 1 pick that would be held by Bears. If the Panthers end up with the 2nd or 3rd pick, the decision to draft a quarterback, especially if Justin Fields performs well, won’t be as easy for Ryan Poles to make. While we can’t predict the future, not clinching the number 1 pick could significantly influence Fields future with the Bears in the upcoming season.

Chicago continues to build through the draft and trades back

The roster still has several holes, as acknowledged by Ryan Poles himself, noting that the roster overhaul is only 80% complete. This implies that 20% of the roster still needs to be filled. Assuming Justin Fields demonstrates progress in the remaining 7 games, and there is confidence in winning with him by adding more talent, the strategy could be to build through the draft, as Poles always intended. This involves potentially trading back from the number 1 pick to secure a possible historic return, such as multiple first-round picks and additional day 2 picks. Even if the Bears were trading back from the 2nd to the 3rd pick, it would still result in recouping capital and positioning well for players like Marvin Harrison Jr.

The first scenario is preferable as it offers the most significant return. But whether Fields proves to be the franchise quarterback or not, it remains the most ideal scenario for the Chicago Bears moving forward.

Justin Fields vs Jared Goff

For an entertaining and detailed preview of the Bears vs Lions game, including insights into the quarterback matchup, make sure to watch the video below or tune in to your preferred podcast platform.


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al bundy
al bundy
Nov 19, 2023 1:26 pm

Fields is playing better today but there is no way I want to seem him back here next year. I think the best thing would be if the bears could trade him for an established QB. Kirk Cousins comes to mind (although Minnesota probably wouldn’t have any incentive to make such a trade). If they actually could trade Fields for a good QB they can use their draft picks to really solidify the offensive and defensive lines. At that point they might actually be able to win a playoff game or two.

Nov 18, 2023 5:11 pm

I like JF1 but he is who he is plus he’s going to be rusty too. Out of the next 7 games he’ll be lucky to win 2 games for obvious reasons. Getsy won’t do him favors either. I think JF1 has won only 1 game in the NFC North period and loserflus has won zero games. Add the pressure to win and loserflus in game management and there you have it

Nov 18, 2023 2:38 pm

Thanks. Again, it seems that I have failed to make myself clear.

I intended to portray a Velus Jones Jr. (or any currently unpopular player finding success, by) making more than simply a few plays; but also continuing to make plays throughout his time in Chicago.
(I wonder if that’s an improvement?)

Nov 18, 2023 1:55 pm

@TGena – I’m glad you brought up Velus Jones, but don’t know what you mean by “continued good play.” Velus Jones, is a great example of the problem of Poles and his coaches. Poles drafts Velus (too high) because of his “high upside.” But everyone in the league, including the Bears coaches, know that he, despite his age, is raw. OK. If a college player can be coached to high draft levels (see: Garrett Wilson, Chris Olave, and Marvin Harrison’s running mate, Emeka Egbuka, Michael Thomas, Jaxon Smith Njigba) certainly, PRO coaches, making MUCH MORE MONEY, can coach up a… Read more »

Nov 18, 2023 1:19 pm

@scott brs —
100% right!

“Unpopular” players (Velus Jones Jr. for example) could easily turn things around with continued good play.

The same rule applies to the childish name-callers present here.

Grow up — and join in the discussions

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