Mitch Trubisky took his turn meeting with the Chicago media on Friday after Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy went the day before. He answered the typical questions. How’s he feeling? Is all the talk about doubting him great motivation? Thoughts on the quarterback battle with Nick Foles. The usual stuff. However, things took an interesting turn at one point.

Trubisky has worked a lot this offseason with local QB specialist Jeff Christiansen. The man has earned a lot of notoriety for also doing good work with Ryan Tannehill and Patrick Mahomes. The two quarterbacks who faced off in the AFC championship back in January. It was a welcome sign that Trubisky was taking this year deadly serious. Understanding his professional career is on the line.

In the midst of talking about Christiansen and the work he’s done, the QB made a somewhat jarring revelation. That he’d made some new adjustments to his throwing mechanics. Something that had never happened since he arrived in Chicago three years ago.

Mitch Trubisky saying that makes one understand the coaching changes

The first time? Ever? Considering how often experts have harped on Trubisky’s mechanics going all the way back to his rookie year, that is shocking to hear. The Bears coaching staff was supposed to be quarterback-friendly. They’re supposed to understand issues like that and more importantly implement procedures to fix it. For him to say that does put former QB coach Dave Ragone or even Matt Nagy in the best light.

Then again, Nagy can’t put his focus on those details all the time. He has other things on his plate. So that responsibility fell to Ragone and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich. Considering Helfrich was fired and Ragone was “promoted” to passing game coordinator, being replaced as quarterbacks coach by John DeFilippo? It’s become easier to understand why Nagy made changes. He wasn’t satisfied with Trubisky’s lack of progress.

It seems early returns on the adjustments are promising. Of course, he’ll have to show it in practice rather than just workouts. Will Trubisky stick to his new style or fall back on old habits at the first sign of pressure? This is what people need to know.