Friday, September 29, 2023

The Chicago Bears’ New Stadium Plans Just Took A Massive Swerve


The Chicago Bears always find a way to surprise you even after more than century of existence. As the team prepared to embark on their 2023 season, plenty of things continue happening in the background. By far the biggest is their ongoing efforts to renovate Arlington Park to build a new stadium. Team president Kevin Warren is spearheading those efforts. Things appear to be going well. Demolition of the property was recently approved. Plans are formulating on how renovations will come together once the land is cleared.

Then, literally out of nowhere, news dropped that the Bears might not be committed to Arlington Heights as their new home just yet. Kevin Schmit of the Daily Herald revealed that Warren had recently met with Scott Wehrli, the Mayor of Naperville, about the possibility of building the stadium there. Wehrli contacted the Bears a week ago hoping to gain an audience on the subject of considering his town for relocation instead. The team released a statement saying they remain open to any and all possibilities.

Quite the swerve to an already complex story.

Plans for the Chicago Bears to plant their goal posts in the suburbs took a surprising turn Friday afternoon when Naperville Mayor Scott Wehrli met with team President Kevin Warren to discuss the possibility of building a new NFL stadium in Naperville rather than Arlington Heights…

…Wehrli sent a letter to Warren, dated May 24, that’s termed a formal introduction to the Bears “as you consider or reassess your planned relocation. The city would welcome the opportunity to review your business needs and our available properties.”

…On Friday, the Bears released a statement saying they are now looking at stadium opportunities other than Arlington Park.

“We will continue the ongoing demolition activity and work toward a path forward in Arlington Heights, but it is no longer our singular focus,” Scott Hagel, the Bears senior vice president of marketing and communications said in a statement. “It is our responsibility to listen to other municipalities in Chicagoland about potential locations that can deliver on this transformational opportunity for our fans, our club and the state of Illinois.”

The Chicago Bears’ intention here seems straightforward.

They could be using these negotiations with Naperville and other locations as a leverage tactic against Arlington Heights. Reports have indicated the team is getting pushback from certain groups on property taxes. Some think the team should pay more. Obviously, Warren and team ownership have a number in mind as well. Talks have stalled on this point for some time. So while that happens, Naperville leadership hopes to take advantage by making a sales pitch of their own.

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Their city is an hour and five minutes southwest of Chicago. They are the fourth-largest in the state in terms of population. One could argue they’re far better equipped to handle a professional stadium than Arlington Heights is. It is also one of the wealthier areas of Illinois. Residents of Naperville average around $150,000 per household. Arlington Heights is only $100,000. While nothing is set in stone, the Chicago Bears appear more than willing to explore their options.


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Jun 3, 2023 7:32 am

What a crying little loser🤣

Gremlin’s Chili Hole
Gremlin’s Chili Hole
Jun 3, 2023 7:23 am

Fuck your perceived disrespect.

Jun 3, 2023 6:48 am

You are wrong. They are gouging. They’ve been assessed at 6x the assessment of 33 million last year. Don’t be so disrespectful

Gremlin’s Chili Hole
Gremlin’s Chili Hole
Jun 3, 2023 4:21 am

Someone prove me wrong on how the invention of the internet was funded.

Jun 2, 2023 10:44 pm

This great and let the competition begin. Anything is better than letting the Chicago Park District rip them off. The Bears are big business for whomever is smart enough to take the Bears in. The Bears have a strong national and International following and especially when they win. The township that gets the Bears will reap the benefits

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