Ryan Pace said it in his latest press conference. Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in the quagmire of media rumors during this time of year. This is why the best thing to do is lean on the relationships you have around the NFL. That is a much better source of information. The fact he said this while fielding questions about the Chicago Bears quarterback dilemma was rather interesting.

Now going into his sixth offseason, Pace has a pretty strong network of connections around the NFL. Guys he knows, respects, and trusts. That could prove vital to his search for help at the quarterback position. They say timing is everything. One relationship he has may turn out to be more fruitful than he ever could’ve imagined.

It popped up down south.

The Atlanta Falcons cleaned house with their power structure this past season. Head coach Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff were fired midseason. After a length evaluation process, ownership decided to make Arthur Smith the new head coach with Terry Fontenot taking over as GM. That latter move is what should really draw the attention of Bears fans.

Fontenot was an integral part of the Saints scouting department going all the way back to 2003. That means he and Pace were in the same department for a decade right up until Pace left in 2015 for Chicago. It turns out the two have a pretty strong relationship. Fontenot said as much not long after Pace departed.

Ryan Pace could be looking to exploit this connection

Why is it so important. Namely because of who Fontenot now controls. The Falcons have some difficult decisions to make this offseason. None more so than regarding the quarterback position. Matt Ryan remains a steady, productive player for them. However, he turns 36 in May and carries a cap hit in excess of $40 million. Atlanta is more than $20 million over the cap as it is.

If that weren’t enough, they also hold the #4 overall pick in the draft. Plenty of experts believe this is the perfect opportunity for the Falcons to make the change. Draft a new QB and let Ryan finish his career elsewhere rather than endure a team rebuild. That means Fontenot would have to find a team interested in the veteran’s services. Enter Ryan Pace.

It makes so much sense.

The Bears need an upgrade at quarterback. Ryan is better than anybody they’ve had by a pretty comfortable margin. They want somebody who can help them win in 2021. Even at 35, Ryan threw for over 4,500 yards with 26 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Give him some protection and a solid defense to lean on? That’s a good recipe for success.

The obvious obstacle is that contract. Chicago can’t remotely afford it as is. Some tweaking would be needed in order to make it more favorable for their tight cap situation. One way to do it is to wait to make any trade official until after June 1st. That would drop the cap hit to around $23 million. Ryan might also agree to rework the deal in order to facilitate a trade.

Ryan Pace hinted that players people aren’t talking about right now could be available soon. The Falcons star is one such example, and the Bears have an inside track to him if it does open up over the next two months.

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