This is disgusting behavior. A Chicago Bears fan account on Instagram by the name of 247.bears harassed Adrian Amos on Tuesday after the free agent safety agreed to sign a deal with the Green Bay Packers.

Amos, picked in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL draft by the Bears, joined the Packers, inking a four year deal worth $37 million. He’ll get $21 million in the first two years of the contract. It’s a great deal for him and it’s completely fine that the Bears let him walk in free agency.

Sure, he went to a division rival, but as for literally everything in sports, it’s a business decision on both sides. Amos got a big payday and that’s great for him. Yet, you still have far too many ignorant fans, who take things way too personally.

And this isn’t just being ignorant, whoever was sending direct messages to Amos on Instagram is a racist.

All because Amos signed with the Green Bay Packers? Absolutely pathetic.

That person has some serious issues that go beyond just being a horrible representation of Bears fans. And yeah, there are assholes in every fan base, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call out the racists that are part of yours.

The 247.bears account currently has close to 3,000 followers on Instagram.

Report that lunatic.

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