Wednesday, August 10, 2022

“Overwhelming” Number Of Bears Players Want Matt Nagy Gone


First it’s the fans and then it was the media. It was just a matter of how much longer Matt Nagy could survive before he lost the Chicago Bears locker room as well. While SM has reported on multiple occasions that the head coach was in hot water with several people behind the scenes, it appears things have escalated following the ugly loss to the Baltimore Ravens. According to insider Jordan Schultz, most of the locker room is fed up.

He described it as an “overwhelming” number of players wanting him out. They’re tired of the constant problems they run into every week and seem to have begun tuning him out. It should be noted Schultz has close ties to Allen Robinson, so his connections are likely solid. This is yet another death blow to Nagy’s already critical status in the organization. It is now less a matter of if he’s gone but when.

There comes a time when the message of a coach starts wearing thin.

Matt Nagy is great with emotions and bringing energy. However, there comes a time when the man is expected to have real solutions to problems outside of just motivating guys to play hard. That is where the man has proven a failure. His gross incompetence when it comes to installing and running a viable NFL offense for the past four years is impossible to quantify. At some point, the players stopped listening to him because they knew what he was selling was BS.

Based on what Schultz says, the real cracks started to show last year. It’s a safe assumption that was probably during the six-game losing streak after the team started 5-1. Nagy’s inability to stop the bleeding until a favorable bounce in the schedule pretty much told the story. Now he’s lost five in a row this year and couldn’t even beat a Ravens team playing without half their starters including Lamar Jackson, at home, and with two weeks to prepare. The guy has no answers and the players know it.

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