The Chicago Bears aren’t being taken seriously as contenders for any of the top veteran quarterbacks this offseason. Partly because of their limited resources and also because there is the perception that the two men at the top come into 2021 on the hot seat. GM Ryan Pace certainly doesn’t have the strongest track record at that position nor many fans in the media.

As for head coach Matt Nagy? Perception of him is a bit more complex. He has his share of critics who have called him out for his disjointed offensive system that didn’t do enough to help maximize the talents of his quarterback. At the same time, his leadership and personable nature make him an easy guy to like. It’s also fair to wonder how much of the offensive problems centered around the QBs simply not being good enough?

That is a big reason why the Bears are expected to be aggressive on the market.

One thing people might have underestimated in this entire scenario is Nagy’s presence. Specifically his background. He is actually one of only three head coaches with an offensive background venturing into this QB market. Only one of two with direct backgrounds in quarterbacks. He played the position. He’s coached the position. The man understands how to speak quarterback. Just look at his competition.

  • New York Jets – Robert Saleh – Defensive background
  • Miami Dolphins – Brian Flores – Defensive background
  • San Francisco 49ers – Kyle Shanahan – Offensive background (WRs)*
  • Indianapolis Colts – Frank Reich – Offensive background (QBs)*
  • Chicago Bears – Matt Nagy – Offensive background (QBs)*
  • Washington Football Team – Ron Rivera – Defensive background
  • Denver Broncos – Vic Fangio – Defensive background
  • Carolina Panthers – Matt Rhule – Defensive background

Lots of reputable names there, but how many of them can actually speak from the mindset of a quarterback? This sort of thing can matter a lot. Especially to veterans. That is where having Nagy can be a blessing in disguise for Chicago.

Chicago Bears need to have him out front in their QB pursuits

Not Pace. While he may be the GM and have the final say on personnel, the bottom line is he won’t be speaking to the quarterbacks on a daily basis. He won’t have a direct hand in their play on the field. That will be Nagy. He’s the guy who is the face of the organization. The one who needs to be their salesman. Somebody who can explain why coming to Chicago will be in the best interests of the player and his family.

Nagy has already shown he can be dogged and convincing when he gets his eyes fixed on a particular player. He has that silver tongue and smile that makes it easy to like him. Coupled with his obvious intelligence for coaching offense, that is certain to at least intrigue some of the top quarterbacks on the market. Put it this way. Would having John Fox in charge instead be more helpful to the Chicago Bears?

Probably not.

This isn’t going to be the decisive key to whatever happens over the next month and a half. However, given their other limited options, the Bears need every advantage they can get. Having a head coach with a deep background in quarterbacks and a staff littered with QB specialists can’t possibly be a bad thing.