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Mitch Trubisky Wrote An Amazing Letter To Family Of Deceased Bears Fan

Mitch Trubisky Wrote An Amazing Letter To Family Of Deceased Bears Fan
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Is Mitch Trubisky a great quarterback? Not at present. He still has a chance to change that narrative in 2020. However, one thing that nobody can debate beyond a doubt is the guy is an absolute elite human being. Not only is he a loved and respected leader in the Chicago Bears locker room. His charity work and actions towards fans have earned him glowing praise as well.

There are many examples of this scattered throughout his three previous years in Chicago. Yet one of the best yet may have just happened. Recently a young man named Jack Roche was tragically killed in a car accident. He was just 21-years old and close to graduating from Kansas University.

“In the early-morning hours of July 12, Roche was hit by a car and pronounced dead at the scene, just blocks from his childhood home and just two days before he was set to fly back to Kansas for his senior year. His death was ruled an accident. The 21-year-old had been a mainstay in the Jayhawks’ football equipment office. Known to all as “Coach Roche,” he was an oversized personality in an undersized body, an old soul who had never met a stranger.”

One thing that always stood out about Roche? He was a diehard Bears fan and a big admirer of Trubisky. When the QB found out, he penned a personal letter to the family and also sent them an autographed jersey in his honor. Just an awesome gesture.

This is why many fans can’t quit Mitch Trubisky

If people were looking for a reason why so many Bears fans still back Trubisky, this is why. The kid is so likable. He’s everything a team could ask for in a quarterback off the field. A glowing member of the community. He’s the type of person who deserves success. That is why they continue to hold out hope that he can pull the nose up and save his career in Chicago.

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Word is he is definitely intent on doing exactly that. Trubisky showed up to training camp in top physical condition according to sources. He’s worked out religiously and also conducted several workouts with teammates. A number of them under the guidance of QB specialist Jeff Christiansen. No doubt the Roche family will be cheering him on as the competition picks up next month.

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