The Chicago Bears are finished with their bye week. Preparation has begun on their visit to Lambeau Field for a huge game against the Green Bay Packers. This is nothing new. Every time it seems like a season is on the line, the Bears end up in a pivotal game against their hated rivals. The problem this time? They don’t have a quarterback. Not a definitive one. Neither Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky are cemented as the starter for Sunday night.

Part of this is health-related. Foles suffered ankle and hip injuries in the loss to the Minnesota Vikings and was carted off. While not as serious as fear, he wasn’t at practice on Monday. Trubisky was but he’s returning from an injury to this throwing shoulder. One that seemed to almost end his season all together before doctor evaluations indicated he’d recover.

So who is actually going to start, if either?

Head coach Matt Nagy unsurprisingly offered no indication either way. He didn’t really have to under league rules. He merely stated it’s something the team is continuing to evaluate and everything is still “on the table.” In other words, the coaching staff is open to going with either guy. It depends on the health factor along with who they feel is the better option against Green Bay.

Based on what Bears insiders are saying? It appears one name has pulled ahead in the race. Both Adam Jahns of The Athletic and Adam Hoge of NBC Sports indicated that while no final decision has been made, it appears Trubisky is the one trending closer to being the guy on Sunday. In part, because he seems healthier.

Mitch Trubisky may get one last chance

Truth be told, it’s likely Trubisky would’ve gotten the nod even if both he and Foles were 100% healthy. The reality is the 31-year old QB has struggled behind the Bears’ makeshift offensive line. He hasn’t had a lot of time to throw and has absolutely no mobility. This led to a lot of hits and they finally caught up to him last Monday night. Trubisky, for all his faults, has a capable pair of legs and can buy extra time to throw.

It really looked like his time in Chicago was over when Nagy benched him in Atlanta. Yet anybody with knowledge of the past could probably have guessed he’d get another chance. Foles has never finished a full season healthy in his career. Most felt it was only a matter of time before he got hurt. Thus here we are. Mitch Trubisky has one more shot.

Can he rewrite his story?

It won’t be easy. The young QB has only beaten the Packers one time in his NFL career. He’s winless against them at Lambeau Field. Try to imagine how society might implode if he comes off the bench and somehow beats them in primetime. Bears fans wouldn’t know whether to be happy or perplexed. One thing is for sure.

There will be a lot at stake in this game if he does play. For the team and the man himself.