Sunday, August 14, 2022

Lucas Patrick Loyalty Cements To Chicago Upon Seeing United Center Food Spread


Lucas Patrick wanted a chance to start in the NFL when he entered free agency. He knew the chances of that happening with the Green Bay Packers weren’t great. Not with high draft choice Josh Myers already in place at center. So he decided to explore his options. When the Chicago Bears called with interest, he was immediately intrigued, knowing Packers passing game coordinator Luke Getsy had just become their new offensive coordinator. A deal quickly came together after that.

One can understand if Patrick was a bit nervous about the transition. Green Bay is a small town in Wisconsin. Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. The two teams are also bitter rivals. So it might be difficult for the new center to switch allegiances right away. However, anybody that knows history understands the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It seems Chicago won over Patrick the moment he saw the food spread at the United Center during a Blackhawks game.

A Bears camera crew was there to witness the revelation.

Nobody can blame him. In addition to being one of the best sports towns in the country, Chicago is also a terrific location for food establishments. According to U.S. News Travel, the city was ranked third in the entire nation for the best food, trailing only San Francisco and New Orleans. Lucas Patrick got merely a glimpse of it that night at the UC. One can only imagine the delicacies he’ll dabble in now that he’s making so much money.

Maybe the Bears should start making this part of their pitch every time they’re looking to sign other offensive linemen. If you want to eat some of the best food on the planet, few places are better than Chicago. It is nice to see Patrick settling into his new home. Hopefully, the newfound loyalty will lead to solid play on Sundays.

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