Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Justin Fields Wants To “Take Over” The NFL


The Chicago Bears are on a mission to help Justin Fields improve this season. That is their short-term goal. As for the quarterback himself, his aspirations are considerably higher. He said even before joining the team that he wanted to be great. His relentless work ethic since illustrates how committed he is to the cause. Teammates have noticed how locked in he’s become, almost to the point of obsession.

Nobody has seen this more often than Darnell Mooney. The Bears’ third-year wide receiver is on his own ascent up the NFL ladder. He and Fields seemed to develop a strong connection last season, and their chemistry has only gotten stronger in recent months. Mooney can see what the quarterback really wants. He isn’t interested in being the best quarterback in recent Bears history or even the division. His sights are set on the league mountaintop. Courtney Cronin of ESPN unveiled his words.

“He wants to take over the league,” Mooney said. “He’s already Justin Fields. He wants to be the best quarterback in the league. He’s taken the stride to be there. I got unbelievable faith that he will be there, and his success is my success. So, as long as he’s doing good, I’m doing good, we’re all doing good.”

Justin Fields’ support system is much stronger now.

People keep hammering the Bears for not doing enough to help him this off-season. That isn’t entirely fair. They upgraded at center with Lucas Patrick, added a proven slot receiver in Byron Pringle, and more versatility in Velus Jones. All this while Mooney is a 1,000-yard receiver, Cole Kmet is a 600-yard tight end, and the running game still features David Montgomery. This idea the offense is devoid of talent isn’t true.

That is before even discussing the coaching staff. Anybody with eyes could see Matt Nagy and his staff had no grasp on how to run a proper offense. Luke Getsy brings a clearer identity. They’re going to run the ball, utilize lots of play action, and play to Justin Fields’ biggest strengths. If the Bears hold to that approach, improvement should be expected. Fields was at his best with play action and proved dangerous any time Nagy actually got him on the move and outside the pocket.

If the offensive line can keep him protected, the results will be far better this year. It won’t all be perfect right away, but with time and patience, things should start clicking. Once that happens, there may be no stopping him.


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Jun 29, 2022 10:48 am

“he is not a number one” You see that all the time (so, this is not directed specifically at Bears Down) What the heck does that mean? He was 18th among WR for receptions and 19th for yards. There are 32 teams in the league, so there are about 14 teams without a receiver as good as Mooney (and that is without factoring in the fact that many of those above him benefit from better QB play than the Bears provided). Terry McLaurin just signed a deal worth about $24 million a year and he has had one season better… Read more »

Jun 29, 2022 7:30 am

I would feel better if Mooney was actually a WR1 but hes not and JF probably wants to be the best but we have no proven offensive coaching so yeah good luck with being the best QB with no talent and coaching. Reminds me of Gary Crowton days

Rick Brozell
Rick Brozell
Jun 28, 2022 9:50 pm

Probably the best insight you ever had, and I agree with you 100%! No better time to be a fan when you see they are building something! Haven’t felt this way since 1980!

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