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Luke Getsy Being Called A “Rising Star” In NFL Circles


People tend to focus on players when it comes to determining the success of a football team. While their efforts have the most direct impact, people cannot and should not overlook how vital coaching is in this sport. It might be more critical in the NFL than in any other major North American sport. That is why the Chicago Bears have underachieved for so many years. Not enough people talk about how crummy their coaching situation has been during those lean years, especially on the offensive side. Maybe Luke Getsy is ready to change that.

The new Bears offensive coordinator faces a difficult task ahead. He inherits an offense that failed to crack the top 20 in each of the past four seasons under Matt Nagy. Every position group has underachieved enough to where most believe the talent isn’t adequate. GM Ryan Poles said he doesn’t think that’s true. Part of the issue was the coaching not being good enough. He and head coach Matt Eberflus have confidence that Getsy will get things pointed in the right direction.

They aren’t alone.

Several people around the NFL have high opinions of the young assistant coach. They view him as an ascending talent with the necessary traits to make the Bears’ offense a success. Lindsay Jones of The Athletic polled several people in the league for suggestions about who to watch. It appears Getsy’s name came up a few times. Expectations are high as he takes on the biggest challenge of his career.

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“We solicited input and nominations across the league for this list, seeking to identify current power brokers as well as rising stars in their fields. This list includes head coaches, coordinators and play callers…

…Luke Getsy, Bears offensive coordinator | Age: 38

Getsy has a major task in his first year as a coordinator and play caller: developing quarterback Justin Fields, a 2021 first-round pick, into a quality NFL starter.

Getsy spent the past three seasons in Green Bay as the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach under Matt LaFleur. He worked closely with veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers and 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love and knows that developing a close relationship with his new pupil in Chicago will be critical to Fields’ success and what the Bears hope to accomplish this season.”

One thing that has stood out already with Getsy is his philosophy.

Though he brings an established wide-zone system from Green Bay, he’s made it clear what he helped run with the Packers won’t be carbon copied in Chicago. His goal is to craft a scheme that works to his players’ strengths. Especially Justin Fields. He understands that players are different and must be accommodated as such. A lesson that Nagy never seemed to learn.

Luke Getsy has a straightforward plan.

It isn’t anything groundbreaking. He hopes to improve Fields’ fundamentals and utilize an offensive strategy that accents his strengths and hides his weaknesses. Expectations are this will include a run-first philosophy with heavy doses of play action. It will also include bootlegs and moving pockets to get Fields on the move, using his natural athleticism to full effect. It might sound overly simple, but sometimes coaches can outsmart themselves by not doing the obvious.

Nagy is one such example. Luke Getsy has no intention of falling into that same trap. It remains to be seen whether he can be a competent play caller. He only has one year of top-level experience doing so when he was offensive coordinator at Mississippi State. So the man remains somewhat of a mystery. Nobody questions his teaching skills, but making everything flow during games is a different matter.

It will be exciting to see how things unfold this season. Players and coach will learn a lot about each other in the coming months. If Getsy does his job well, he might be running his own team before too long.


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Jun 28, 2022 11:21 am

It’s nice to hear that the Bears’ offensive, having no clue if Nagy had a clue what he was doing, will know exactly what they are doing. I just hope the Bears don’t fall into their past patterns of opposing defenses ALSO knowing exactly what the Bears offense is doing.

Jun 28, 2022 10:21 am

It’s hard to believe he could be as bad as Nagy.

Jun 28, 2022 10:08 am

they said nagy was a rising star when we hired him also….that fizzled fast

Tommy Griffin
Tommy Griffin
Jun 28, 2022 8:26 am

Miss St. did not have the talent to effectively run the wide zone. QB Nick Fitzgerald was less than stellar, that’s why he was UDFA. He didn’t make it with Bucs went to XFL St. Louis team so to be fair to Getsy, he didn’t have the horses to run with at Miss St. So I’m going to wait to see how we look in preseason before passing judgement but if he has any clue on how to play call that will be a huge upgrade from the HorseSh*T Show Nagy ran last year.

Jun 28, 2022 7:31 am

While I like pretty much everything that I've seen, learned, and heard from Getsy, one thing I would love to know is how did his offense fair during his 1 year calling plays at Miss State? What year was it? Who were some of the known players in the offense, and how did the offense and team fair during that year of play calling.

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