Sunday, August 14, 2022

Jaylon Johnson Let Slip How Much Better The New Coaching Staff Is


Jaylon Johnson spent two years under the Matt Nagy regime from 2020 through 2021. He never had any bad things to say about them publicly. Talking trash about somebody like that was never something he embraced, especially in front of the media. That said, it was evident earlier this off-season that he was relieved that the experience was over. Whatever went on behind the scenes under Nagy, the young cornerback understood it couldn’t continue.

He never quite said why that was until his opening press conference at Halas Hall before training camp. Johnson was matter-of-fact about everything. Even with a new coaching staff, the high standard of playing for the Bears doesn’t change. However, he couldn’t help but admit how different Matt Eberflus and his people are at enforcing the standard. Even the most minor mistakes by players aren’t excuses. Everybody must be on top of their game, from conditioning to execution. No loafing is allowed. The newfound accountability is something Johnson welcomes.

Jaylon Johnson knew Nagy had an accountability problem.

The former head coach had no problem talking about a high standard, but it never felt like he did enough to reinforce it to the players. He wasn’t the type of coach that harped on the little things. There was no obsession with details. That is why the team often got in trouble with ill-timed penalties, turnovers, and late-game collapses. They weren’t coached to avoid those things. Not with enough emphasis to make a difference.

Eberflus isn’t going to let that happen. His coaches watch players like a hawk, evaluating their tape during practice and games. Every single time a mistake is made, or somebody isn’t going 100%, they’re going to get called out. Having a high standard is one thing. Committing to enforcing it is another. Jaylon Johnson sees that critical difference between the last coaching staff and this one.

It is why Lovie Smith had more success than others. The same goes for Mike Ditka. Neither man was ever considered a genius of their profession. They merely knew what was required to make football players better.


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Jul 27, 2022 12:04 pm

Hey Blivion, no criticism is allowed here since all the kool aid drinking meat head fans down vote anyone expressing concerns…they act like 3 year olds its funny but yet sad and they most all are like we are making the playoffs or super bowl…a bunch of homers for sure

Thomas J Cameron
Thomas J Cameron
Jul 27, 2022 10:20 am

Son and I attended Camp last year. The immediate impression was lackadaisical. Rap music playing and loafing with not urgency. People strolling around the field, chatting and laughing. Certainly nothing like what I endured or my son during practices. Curious if that has changed or if it’s just how things are done in today’s camps?

Gator Joe
Gator Joe
Jul 27, 2022 7:32 am

Da Coach! What about Buddy though? Talk about hard nosed and tough. He called Singletary, possibly his favorite player ever, “50”.

Jul 27, 2022 5:38 am

I think Jaylon Johnson is overrated. We’re so desperate for anything shiny on the Bears that an average corner is seen as a star.

Jul 27, 2022 5:23 am

When you are coached hard, you play hard. Mad at Coach, destroy your opponent, and ‘show him’ you are mad enough to play hard.

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