The Chicago Bears offensive roster has already begun providing their own commentary on what Justin Fields looks like in action. Suffice to say they’re excited. Of course, they’re trying to keep themselves from getting carried away. He’s a rookie and still has plenty to prove. Yet the talent is impossible to ignore. So that raises an interesting question. What do the guys who go against him in practice think? Jaylon Johnson became the first Bears defender to speak on this.

The second-year cornerback appeared on The Jim Rome Show to talk about everything. Namely his ascent to the CB1 spot and how he’s aiming to improve on what he accomplished as a rookie in 2020. Right before the segment ended though, Rome had to squeeze the question in. What are Johnson’s impressions of Fields thus far? The answer was pretty straightforward. The young QB is as advertised. The physical talent is undeniable. It won’t be long before he becomes a playmaker in the NFL.

Johnson understands the process though.

Fields must learn to handle the mental challenge of the NFL level. It is the same for any rookie. Johnson was no different when he first arrived. Once the game starts to slow down, that is when the talent will start to really show itself. This is why head coach Matt Nagy isn’t in a hurry to put the quarterback in the starting lineup. This level is so much faster than college. It can be overwhelming. Especially for that particular position.

Giving him time to sit and learn could prove fruitful in the long run. Until then Andy Dalton and the defense should be able to keep the team competitive. Or at least that is the idea.

Jaylon Johnson has expectations of his own to fulfill

That is to become not just the best cornerback on the Bears roster but one of the best in the NFL. He certainly has the confidence to do so. It becomes a matter of taking that next step. Covering wide receivers is important, but his primary issue was taking the ball away. Johnson failed to record an interception last year. One will not be recognized among the league’s best unless they deliver turnovers.

If anything, his improvement as a player will only serve to help Fields. The tougher the coverages he sees in practice, the more he’ll understand how small the windows will be in the NFL. This is why accuracy is at such a premium when evaluating quarterbacks. Jaylon Johnson probably relishes the opportunity to make life tough for his new teammate in every single practice.

Iron sharpens iron.

Don’t expect Fields to shrink from the challenge. His competitive streak has been on display from the moment he arrived in Chicago. The guy doesn’t fear anybody. Not even the Bears defense. His job isn’t to be secondary to them. It’s to put the offense on the same level as them. Then the team can go win a championship. Johnson himself is a big part of that as well.

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Erik Lambert
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